Beme, a social video app that was launched by popular YouTuber Casey Neistat on iOS in 2015, is now available on Android. In addition to launching on Android, today also marks the app's official foray into full release territory after having been in beta since last year.

Casey Neistat's social video app Beme comes to Android

If you're unfamiliar with Beme, the app is meant to encourage you to share video of what you're doing without taking you out of the moment. Rather than staring at your phone's display while you record, you simply open the app and then hold the phone's screen to your chest to instantly start capturing what you're looking at. Once you're done, just pull the phone away to stop recording and your clip is instantly shared. Of course, you can also record by simply holding a hand over the sensors on the front of your phone, but the screen will remain a solid color to keep you from watching the viewfinder.

The goal, of course, is to allow you to stay "in the moment" and share real experiences without filtering the content. You can also browse through the app to check out clips from other users around the world, then send reaction shots to the uploader.

If you're interested, you can grab Beme on Google Play now. Also be sure to check out Neistat's rundown of the app in the YouTube video below.