BlindType for Android will solve all typing problems for humanity

In what just may be the coolest bit of programming I've ever seen on any platform, the developers of BlindType have uploaded a video showing off their keyboard designed for anyone. This isn't out yet, so it definitely didn't make it into the Android Central keyboard roundup, but this would definitely be right at the top of the list if it had been. The keyboard is designed to be extremely fault-tolerant, which is great if you want to type without looking at your phone or if you can't be bothered by pesky things like accuracy or spelling. It also adjusts the size of the keyboard based on the way you're typing and resizes itself on the fly, and can be used with the keyboard visible or not. In the video it's shown running on an iPhone and an iPad, but an Android is promised right on the developer homepage. Check the video after the break. [via Engadget]