The folks behind the Big Android BBQ have spent the last year working on ways to bring a taste of their annual Texas-based event to different parts of the U.S., and in April the East Coast will get what's coming to them. The Big Android Meat and Greet is a one-day event that combines a developer event with a great party for Android folks to get together and enjoy. Since it's in Virginia, right on the water, the party is going to be held on a Riverboat during the infamous Cherry Blossom Festival.

Tickets have been made available over on the BAMG site, broken out into the two major parts of the event. If you only want to come for the Code Kitchen and check out the developer sessions contained within, that event is free. The Riverboat tour, on the other hand, is $75 and will include some of the same amazing food and celebration that makes the Big Android BBQ so cool to go to. We'll have at least one or two of the AC team enjoying both parts of the event, so if you're going be sure to say hello!