The best puzzle games for Merge Cube

The Merge Cube is quickly receiving more and more support from the Android developer community as it is a cheap, easy, doorway to the world of AR and there a now a great selection of games available. Don't let the squishy exterior fool you though, there are plenty of things for kids and adults alike to enjoy in this AR wonderland.

Obviously, the thing to buy is the Merge Cube itself so head over to Best Buy to pick one up, then you can start playing some of these fun puzzle games.


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The aim of Defused! is simple, to disable the bomb before it explodes using the combinations of tasks given to you by the game, think of Simon says, or BopIt! as its inspiration.

For example, in round one, you may be asked to toggle all the number 7 switches. You will be given a time limit to turn the Cube on all 3 axes to find the faces with number 7 switches and tap on the screen or press the VR button to activate them. If you do it, great! You get a harder challenge. Fail and the cube explodes and you have to restart.

Defused! Is a frustratingly addictive game that has that high-stress rate that makes puzzle games so good. The replay factor is high as the situations change all the time and there is room for the game to expand, a multiplayer mode for example, where multiple people have to move the cube between them to help defuse the bomb.

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Wooble Wobble

Wooble Wobble, the greatest name for an app ever, feels like a classic tilt maze from the olden days but with a wonderful 3D mechanic thrown in. The maze on the screen is even made to look like dark polished wood, a look I really dig, which makes it feel a little more refined than some of the other, more cartoonish puzzle games available.

Your job is to move the little blue ball around an ever-expanding maze and drop into the highlighted hole. Drop it in the wrong hole and you have to start over and you get bounced around by bumpers making it all the harder. Each complete level adds more sides to the cube, more holes to fall down and more bumpers to push you about.

Wooble Wobble is really well made and fun puzzle game. Unlike many games of this genre, this feels like an homage to the 1950's wooden toys, and has a more sophisticated look and feel than most.

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Block AR

BlockAR is a block breaking game in the Tetris style, but using the Merge Cube to add a level of complexity that doesn't normally exist. Graphically, the game is bright and well made, the tracking on the Cube is top notch, and the game itself is very responsive to touch.

The idea of the game is simple, to fire the right color blocks that match the blocks inside the cube. You have to clear all the blocks before they reach too far out of the cube or the game is over. As you reach the higher levels the game increases the difficulty by making some of the colors hard to reach or appear in your firing line less often, you then have to stack odd colors out of the way.

BlockAr is a fun, addictive game, like Candy Crush and Bejewelled, those games that make you want to play "Just one more level" until you realize you have been sitting on the toilet for two hours and you can't feel your legs, and is well worth picking up for your Merge Cube.

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Rubik's Cube

We all know what a Rubik's cube is right? It's been around for at least 40 years and I think we all had one as a kid. I was never very good at it but my best friend Kevin was amazing, he could solve it in under a minute which always amazes me. Rubik's Cube for Merge Cube is pretty self-explanatory, an AR Cube for the digital age.

Ok, I will explain a little more. In this version of the Rubik's Cube, you have to turn the Merge cube around to check the sides while tapping the white dots around the cube to twist the separate parts. This is actually a little more cumbersome than you might think, it's much nicer to move the cube with two hands than one, and even with a Merge VR Headset you still have to press the button to make it work. With these relaxed games without a time limit, I do think having the option to just stare at the dot for a few seconds rather than pressing a button would work better.

Rubik's Cube is a nostalgic, relaxing puzzle game for the Merge Cube. It isn't graphically incredible or eye-wateringly quick, it's just the fun cube we remember from being a kid. Despite having to play one-handed, it's still a fun game to play. Oh, and Kevin can't do this one anywhere near as quick!

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So thats our short list of fun puzzle games for the Merge Cube, now it's your turn. Let us know in the comment section if you have played any others that you feel beat these guys out.

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