Bank of America lets you sign in with your fingerprint

Bank of America has announced that its mobile apps will now support fingerprint authentication for logging in. With this addition, you will now be able to access the app without typing in a password. In addition, Bank of America has updated the look and feel of the Accounts Overview page, as well as added a What's New section to the app. The bank says:

This feature allows access to the most common functionality of the app without the additional need for a passcode. As part of the bank's ongoing commitment to staying ahead of advancements in mobile device authentication, the technology supporting fingerprint sign-in was built according to FIDO (Fast IDentity Online) standards.

Lastly, Bank of America has added a new Security Center, which offers mobile and online banking customers even more tools to manage their finances securely. Customers will be able to manage digital banking security in one place, and even opt into extra security features, like having a one-time authorization code emailed or send via text each time you sign in. You can grab the latest update from Google Play.

Source: Bank of America