HP 11 ARM Chromebook

Users with the Samsung series 3 or HP Chromebook 11 now have access to the same Google+ photo editing tools that the rest of on the desktop and using other Chromebooks have been using. Brian Matiash, Community Manager for Google+ Photos, privately posted the following to the Google+ Photos page:

Just a heads up that we have pushed out an official fix adding support for our recently released Google+ Photos Editing Tools with ARM-based Chromebooks

The two most popular Chromebooks thus far have one thing in common — they both use an ARM processor instead of the usual Intel chip we see in laptops. There are advantages and disadvantages to this, but the important thing to remember is that programs that have direct contact with the hardware, like the photo editing tools in Google+, need to be built to be compatible with both.

As every critic of Google and Chrome will be quick to point out, Chromebooks don't have a lot in the way of installed software to choose from. They are cloud-based, and tools like photo editors are few and far between. They aren't just blowing smoke, either — the lack of programs to do intricate image or video editing are what keeps me attached to a Windows or Mac computer. For most folks, who don't have to spend part of every day processing pictures or video, something like the Google+ photo editing tools are probably good enough. It's great to see them come to the Chromebooks that are selling.