Finding the right new app in the Android Market can be REALLY annoying sometimes. Just only looking at the app's comments isn't enough to determine if the app provides what you are looking for. Think about it. How many times have you downloaded an app thinking it was going to be what you wanted, but instead, you download it, and it's nothing but garbage. It happens to the best of us.

Now wouldn't it be easier if you downloaded an app your friends suggested to you that were good? Appoke is bringing that to Android users. Appoke takes the Android Market and makes it more social. Think of it as the Facebook of app shopping. Users create a profile with Appoke, and then use that profile to share their apps with their friends also on Appoke. Each memeber can make suggestions, share apps in their news feed, show off new game scores, and more. Make the jump after the break to see a video about what Appoke is all about, and to get the download link. [Appoke]

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