Apple vs. Samsung

Just when you thought the Internet was safe from the the Apple v. Samsung courtroom drama, it comes back. Today Judge Lucy Koh, who is presiding over not one but two (and possibly now a third) trials between Apple and Samsung, has ordered the $1.05 Billion dollars awarded to Apple in August 2012 to be cut by $450,514,650. It seems there are some questions about per-product damages for 14 Samsung products found to be infringing. Like the Nexus S 4G, which totally looks like an iPhone.

To get things sorted and determine any actual damages for the devices in question, Judge Koh says we're going to need a new trial. Further deliberations could lead to an award of more than the $450 Million that was vacated, or less. Apple also has asked that pre-judgement interest be considered, and the court approved the 52-week Treasury bill rate (about 0.16-percent). In the end, Apple could very well end up winning more money than originally awarded after the new trial.

For us, all this means is that the price of your next iPhone or Galaxy S phone will have to be padded a little bit to cover legal fees. Samsung can afford to throw a billion dollars to Cupertino, and as we saw with the original decision, the lawsuits have done nothing to diminish interest in Galaxy S phones. As the popular saying goes, only the lawyers will win.

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Via: FOSS Patents