In an attempt to ride its memorable brand name for as long as possible, AOL has just released a full-fledged news reading app on Android. Not unlike many other apps in this genre, the Flipboard-esque interface lets you casually scroll through top news broken down by category. Entertainment, food, health, money, sports and others are all represented here, and AOL says that if you're signed in the content will tailor to you over time as you use it.

Beyond just news, the new AOL app gives you access to a full AOL email experience on both phones and tablets within the app. While its odd that it wouldn't break this out into a separate app, it's there and accessible right from the top bar. The whole interface is pretty standard and doesn't exactly make us want to drop everything and start using it as our primary news reader, but it is a first release after all.

If you're used to the AOL news ecosystem and want to give the app a shot, it is now available in the Play Store.

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