Android Wear on Glass

Among the fury of Android Wear announcements we almost forgot about Google Glass, but in a Google I/O session today we were reminded that not only is Glass still here, it's being integrated with the new platform. With a new Glass software build coming in the next few months, Google Glass will hook in directly to Android Wear notifications from your phone.

That means with no additional changes in app code whatsoever, Google Glass will begin to display notifications from your phone for applications that have already been set up for Android Wear. The interface for notifications will obviously be slightly different on Glass than they are on watches, but the paradigms are very similar. You'll still be faced with the same tap to read more, swipe to reply and other standard Glass interactions.

Android Wear on Glass

This is a big deal for Glass users out there who felt a little left in the dark with the announcement of Android Wear, but it's really a big step towards having all of Google's platforms working together. Now developers can write their phone apps to simply push out Android Wear notifications, which can then be seen on a phone, watch or Glass without any issue.

Further, this also means that you may not have to install as many distinct Glassware apps on your Glass to get full functionality. A Twitter app, for example, could offer all the functionality you want — in terms of reading notifications and replying — with just an app on your phone rather than an additional app loaded on Glass itself.

We'll be keeping an eye on these new features as we learn more, naturally, but we can't wait to see how this helps Glass evolve.