Android versions december 2012

No surprises in December, but legacy versions are down to just 23 percent of the total

Google has released the version distribution numbers for December 2013, and things are just about what anyone following along would expect.

KitKat gets a small bump of .3 percent since November, Jelly Bean gets a big boost — up from 54.5 percent — and Gingerbread continues to decline, losing about 3 percent since that last chart. The good news is that legacy versions — anything older than Ice Cream Sandwich — are just under a quarter of the total at 22.6 percent. 

This means that more than 75 percent of the devices out there can run all those great apps that require Android 4 or higher. Android's open nature means one version will never fill the pie chart, but from an application developer standpoint, things are looking good.

Source: Google