Open Sea for Android

Who hasn't dreamed of being Moses, parting the Red Sea, right? Just us? No matter. With Open Sea, that's exactly what you do. You're "Mo" (get it?), the "prophetic leader" who "urges people to flee across the sea ... by foot."

Gameplay's pretty simple. You've got several sections of sea you need to move out of the way. Tap, and begone! It does get a little trickier, with multiple groups of follwers making the trek, and mummies and other obstacles getting in the way. But you can strike back as well, and hopefully take a little less an 40 years to get things done.

Open Sea is available as an abreivated "lite" version or as a 99-cent download. We've got hands-on video and download links to the paid version after the break.

Youtube link for mobile viewing