My Shit-List

Not every application in the Market (or on your phone) has to be incredibly intricate, or productive, or something you'd show your Grandmother.  Sometimes the most simple apps are the ones worth having.  We all have a mental shit list in our heads, and if you're like me (stubborn and getting old...get off my lawn) your shit list is constantly changing growing and it gets hard to keep track of.  Not any more!  Now I can manage my shit list on the go, at any time, and anywhere.  Cut me off in traffic?  Guess whose license plate number is going on my shit list.  And that guy at the electronics store?  Guess what you get for buying the last package of white LED's and making me order them.  The wife says I'll have my entire phone memory filled in no time with this one.  Guess what's going to happen if she doesn't stop harassing me about it. 

My Shit List needs Adobe Air, and I wouldn't suggest anyone run out and install Air just for this.  (I'm lying -- I would totally install Air just for this)  But if your already using Air, My Shit-List is under a MB in size, and it's free.  And you know you want to.  A couple of pics of the simple and functional interface, and the download link are after the break.

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