The various live wallpapers that are available on Android are one of my personal favorite parts, because sadly they can keep me entertained by just watching them. While the market is certainly flooded with live wallpapers, there are not very many which offer extensive customization options, but luckily Gravitron is one of the ones that do, and they offer quite a few options. This live wallpaper, which is based around a bunch of flying particles, gives you near complete control of the look of the wallpaper, with customization features including:

  • Built-in presets: Original, Patriot, Love, Bokeh, Pride, Droid, St. Patrick's day, and more.
  • 10 shapes for particles & decoration
  • Color randomization & cycling
  • Up to 8 colors preselection
  • Background color selection
  • Camera movement adjustment: speed, distance and behaviour (3D positioning)

In addition to all these custom settings, they have implemented the ability to save and load various presets, and soon they hope to have the ability to share these via Twitter. For less then $1 you can have all these features, as well as whatever they are able to add in the future, so if you want a live wallpaper that you are able to customize fully, be sure to check this out. Download links, and video can be found after the break.