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We were all kids once (right?), and a staple of kid-dom was stacking up dominoes only to knock them down. Easy, dumb simple, clean fun. Now we're old and haggard, but there's an app out there that will not only keep your mind sharp, but also help you relive your younger days. For the kid in all of us, there is Domino Run.

Domino Run is pretty straightforward. You have dominoes you need to shuffle around to knock down a special blue domino, known as "the Finisher." Don't knock down the blue one, you lose. Oh, and did I mention you need to knock all of the other dominoes down before the Finisher falls? If you don't do that, you lose again.

Gameplay starts off simple, but gets progressively more difficult, adding mechanics like you dropping dominoes off of ledges to knock down other dominoes, or the introduction of the red domino, which I believe is called the Stopper. The challenges don't end there, as there's an entire list of uniquely powered dominoes that come in the later levels (that I didn't get to see in my time with the game).

Scoring is done medal-style, with gold, silver, and bronze medals being awarded to you based on moves spent and the time it took you to complete a level. The easiest way to game the system get gold medals on everything that I've found is to take your time plotting out a successful move, then immediately replay the level and use your plan as fast as you can. Instant gold medal!

Overall, Domino Run is a fun, calming, throwback-to-an-older-day kind of game, and I dig it. There's both free and paid version in the Market, and the free version lets you play a full 20 levels, so it's not a bad deal. If you feel like taking the plunge into 70 levels of domino madness, the full version only sets you back a buck.

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