Since a majority of time is spent on my Droid, while on the go I need ways to keep organized, and one that has stuck out to me is ColorNote. What caught my attention about this application right off the bat was the fact that it was just like Stickies on my Mac, which I find great use in for reminders, and building various lists. Yes, there are many applications that will allow you to compile lists, and keep them organized, but will they allow you to place a sticky note on your screen as a reminder? 

One of my favorite features is the ability to drop a color coded note on the home screen, so it is right in my face until I take care of it. In the application you are able to color code your lists, so that you can help keep them organized and identified quickly. What's great is that you are able to just keep the running list inside the application, or if you want a quick, easy to access reminder, you are able to do so by adding the sticky note to one of your home screens. Once finished with the task you have listed, you can remove the sticky note, and mark the task as completed within the application. 

Since many of us tend to spend a lot of our time on the go, applications like this aid greatly in keeping organized.  Be sure to check it out for yourself, and download your free copy from the marketplace.

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