Bing for Android

Bash Bing for Android all you want. Go ahead. We'll wait. For we share your frustration that Verizon set it as the default search service on the Samsung Fascinate (and that's why we worked so hard to turn it off). But that's not the app's fault, no is it? Nor do we blame Microsoft. It was just doing its job -- making deals that make money. The motto that kept going through our head as we actually sat down to use Bing was this:

"Don't blame Bing."

It's that simple. It's not a bad app. It's getting a bad rap because Verizon did a bad thing to an otherwise good phone. (And we'd prefer it weren't Verizon-exclusive at this point.) Anyhoo, you get access to Bing's excellent image search. Web search is adequate, though it is different than Google (and, it should be). Voice search is OK, but slower than Google's. Bing Maps are just fine, and we're quite fond of Bing's local searches, actually. Give it a shot before you shoot it down. We did, after the break.