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Amazon is of course one of the largest and most popular retailers on the net. Whatever you need to buy you can most likely find from Amazon. Their dedicated mobile application for Android helps you browse and spend a lot more money on the go than you would otherwise. Simply called, it is a highly functional app that does a very good job helping you shop from your device.

When the app launches it will ask you to sign in with your Amazon credentials. Once you have done so, every time you visit the home page it will provide you with personalized recommendations, just like on the site. Aside from your recommendations, there is a search bar on the home page that allows you to search all departments.

Added functionality comes after you hit the Menu button. You can view your Cart, your Wish List and your Amazon Account Info. There is also a More button that will bring up a variety of options such as: Deal of the Day, Recommendations, Amazon Remembers and Help.

One aspect of the app I really like is that comments are really easy to read. I pay attention to ratings on Amazon quite a bit and i enjoy reading what others have to say about items I’m considering, so being able to view the comments is a big deal for me. Clicking on the item will bring you to the Product Page just as if you were on the site. You’ll see a section called Customer Reviews, which if you click, will bring up all the comments in a very easy to read format; the screen real estate is used very efficiently. Also from the Product Page, you can Buy, Add To Cart and Add to Wish List.

I shop from Amazon a lot, more often than I should. It’s a great one stop shop for basically anything I’m looking for and since I’m on the go so often, I enjoy shopping from my mobile device. One thing that can be annoying is that this app is separate from the Amazon Mp3 app. This links to the Mp3 app though, so if you see music you like, you can go straight to buying page from here. Other than that, it has been a very solid application for me that I will continue to use. Check out more pics and the link to the app after the break.

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