Quantcast Mobile Web numbers

The pictures tell the story, Android's U.S. market share is growing at a huge rate in all categories.  We're pretty big fans here, and most of you are, too.  But Quantcast isn't -- they're a third party who makes money by measuring things for people who need to know where to focus their marketing.  In this case, they are measuring the percentage of web use based on operating system, and focusing on growth (or lack of).  While iOS (yes, that includes iPods and iPads) still holds the lion's share, they're slipping.  As a matter of fact, everyone is slipping -- everyone except Android that is.  Whether you look at the numbers by the month, the quarter, or the year as a whole the trend is the same, and if it continues Android will have the majority of the US mobile browser market within a year according to Quantcast.

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In business you either lead, follow, or get out of the way.  A steamroller driven by a friendly green robot is coming through, and that huge user base some others have been enjoying isn't going to be enough to stop it. [Quantcast via TechCrunch]