Android holds platform lead in U.S. at 52.2 percent, according to comScore

Android's market share ended up at 52.2 percent for the three months ending in April, dropping a bit from the 53.2 percent it held in January. Following Android's lead was Apple, which holds a firm second place with 43.1 percent. From there, things drop precipitously, with Microsoft at 3 percent, BlackBerry at 1.5 percent, and Symbian still hanging around at 0.1 percent.

Moving on to manufacturers, Apple still holds the top spot with 43.1 percent, up from 41.3 percent in January. Samsung follows things up with 28.6 percent, down slightly from 29.3 percent. Rounding out the list are LG with 8.4 percent, Motorola with 4.9 percent, and HTC with 3.7 percent.

188.6 million people owned smartphones in the U.S. during the quarter. ComScore pegs the ten most popular apps as Facebook, YouTube, Google Search, Facebook Messenger, Google Play, Google Maps, Gmail, Pandora Radio, Instagram, and iTunes Radio/iCloud.

Source: comScore