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It's Nexus week, and over the past seven days we've seen plenty of Google's new Nexus devices -- the Nexus 4 phone, the Nexus 10 tablet and the refreshed 32GB/3G Nexus 7. Nexus 4 and 10 have yet to make their debut -- an international launch is scheduled for Nov. 13 on the Google Play Store -- but we're already starting to see the 32GB Nexus 7 appearing at retailers such as PC World in the UK.

Meanwhile, we learned that O2 will have a month of exclusivity over the Nexus 4 in the UK, though that shouldn't stop anyone wanting to pick it up at the super-low SIM-free price.

In Google Play news, it was announced that Europe will finally be getting Google Play Music around Nexus launch time, and in addition European users will be the first to enjoy Play Music's new track matching service. Elsewhere on Google Play, several countries saw movie purchase options become available for the first time last Monday.

And Apple was forced into an embarrassing climb-down after the UK's Court of Appeals took issue with its interpretation of a legally-mandated statement on its UK website. After losing a legal battle with Samsung, Apple was ordered to place statements on its site, and in ads in prominent UK publications, stating that Samsung didn't copy its patented iPad design. The original statement contained was written in a passive-aggressive tone, and mentioned other court cases in Germany and the U.S. where Samsung was found to have infringed. The court gave Apple 48 hours to correct its statements, and as of today, a revised notice has gone up on

In addition, we got our first look at Google's Nexus 4 and Android 4.2, in addition to a quick hardware walkthrough of HTC's One X+. What can we say -- it's been a busy week!

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