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The past week in international Android Central coverage has been dominated by two highly-anticipated new devices -- Samsung's Galaxy S III and Orange's new Intel-powered San Diego. We published our exhaustive review of the former, and a complete video walkthrough of the latter. And whereas the Galaxy S III may be the latest and greatest Android flagship, it's the San Diego which could be the true representation of the Android's future. We're sure plenty of consumers will find room in their pockets for Intel-powered Androids in the months ahead, and we found the San Diego to be a reasonably-priced handset that offers exceptional performance even on a single core. Stay tuned for our full review in the near future.

In other news, we received the first word that the "pebble blue" Galaxy S III has started shipping in Europe and Australia, marking the end of the delays surrounding that model. And UK networks O2 and Vodafone announced an infrastructure-sharing plan that could help both networks roll out 4G LTE coverage to more Brits, more quickly.

We'd definitely recommend you check out our full review of the Galaxy S III and walkthrough of the Orange San Diego, as well as the rest of the week's highlights linked below. (And watch out for our full review of the Sony Xperia P in the next week or so). If you've got international news, be sure to tip us at the usual address.

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