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This week marked the start of the official countdown to the Samsung Galaxy S III launch. Press events to the launch event in London on May 3 started rolling out on Monday (we'll be there, of course), and by Friday we had plenty of juicy morsels of leaked information to report.

The Cupertinoesque secrecy surrounding Samsung's next flagship phone (the name of which we're still not entirely sure) finally wavered on Friday, with the leaking of a two and a half-minute video from a Vietnamese tech site, along with a dozen or so photos. But here's where things get interesting -- the phone's final design is being hidden behind a plastic dummy case, so although the software and specs have been laid bare, we still don't know exactly what this thing will look like when it comes to market. We'll have to wait and see what Samsung shows us on May 3, so keep watching in the weeks ahead!

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It wasn't all Samsung at the international desk this week, though. We also published our review of the HTC One V, the new entry-level device in HTC's 2012 line-up. We found that although some functionality had been scaled back compared to the One X and S, it still made for a solid budget offering, although it'll face tough competition from discounted 2011 flagships in the coming months.

Here's a quick run-down of some of the highlights in international Android news over the past seven days --

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