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Fans of the hit E! show The Soup will definitely want to check out the free Android app of the same name. If you're not familiar with it, the show features Joel McHale (who many know from Community), as he observes the best in pop culture.

The app is a great companion to the show. Once opened, you'll see the welcome page which consists of Joel McHale staring at you as a TV screen displays various options, such as Latest, Clips and Hall of Fame. Clicking on any of those will bring you to the main section of the app which contains all of the content. The tabs at the top are Clips, Latest, Hall of Fame and More. Clips contains some of the best scenes from recent shows, Latest has the newest clips available and Hall of Fame aggregates the best of. In the More tab, you can view the upcoming schedule, read about Joel McHale, share the app with friends, rate it and give feedback.

The Soup app is perfect for the dedicated fans of the hit E! show. It's a free app in the Android Market. Please find more screenshots and links to it after the break.

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