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The folks over at CrackBerry have done some investigating in regards to just how Android and Android apps will work on the BlackBerry PlayBook and future BlackBerry smartphones. A few tidbits of info to come out of the Q & A are rather interesting. While most of it is developer related -- there is some info there for users as well. Some examples:

Q: Do I need the source code for an Android app to port it over to BlackBerry?
A: No, you just need the .apk file.

Q: What versions of Android will BBX Support?
A: Research In Motion plans to support any open-sourced versions of Android.  Currently version 2.3 is the newest version of Android that Google has released open source code for, so that's what the PlayBook OS / BBX currently support. When Google releases open source code for Ice Cream Sandwich, BBX will support that.

Q: So does that mean App World will run rampant with Android apps that were not intended to be in there?
A: No. The submission process is still the same here. You need to sign up as a developer with App World. If you submit apps, you need to have the rights to those apps for them to get published.

RIM looks to be making an attempt to attract developers to their platform but one has to one wonder if this will back fire? As it is right now, anyone can package up a developers .apk file and install it on their BlackBerry PlayBook -- they just cannot submit it to BlackBerry App World.

Will this sort of stuff detract Android developers or is there a slight chance RIM may actually pull in a few developers to their platform because of how easy it appears to be? Hit the source link for the full details.

Source: CrackBerry