millennial media report shows huge Android growth

This morning Millennial Media, the largest independent mobile advertising platform, released the numbers from its monthly Scorecard for Mobile Advertising Reach and Targeting (SMART).  No surprises here - they are seeing big growth from the Android platform.  Millennial Media reports that for the first time, Android OS is now in the top three in the
smartphone ad impressions numbers.  Unlike AdMob, this is a third party mobile advertising company and has no ties to Google, who would be their competitor.  Highlights from the report:

  • Android impressions increased by 3% in March alone
  • 6% of all US Smartphone impressions for the month of March came from Android OS
  • Globally, Android ad impressions have increased a staggering 72% month over month during a one year period.
  • Manufactuers making Android handsets represent over 50% of the top 15 manufacturers, with Samsung at the number two spot.

Of course, the giants are still Apple and RIM, but with this kind of growth Android can't be too far from grabbing the number 2 spot.  I'm sure the release of the Droid Incredible and the EVO 4G will bump these numbers even higher. The whole situation has inspired me to remove my ad blocking software so I can do my part. [via]