App updates

Installing applications from the market is one thing, but keeping them up to date with the most current  version is a whole other piece. Most developers are constantly working behind the scenes to improve their applications, and every so often they drop a new version for us all in the Android market, and installing them is quite important. We are lucky enough to have the ability to have our applications auto update in the market now, but not everyone is a fan of that. Personally I like to read the change log and see what exactly has been improved, or if the developer has any notes regarding the update. For me, I update manually, and here is how.

  1. Launch the Android market
  2. Press menu, then select my apps
  3. Next to each app requiring an update it will say "update" in orange or green (depending on if you have the new market)
  4. Tap the app, then click update (if there are multiple apps requiring update the top will have an "update all" button

See, keeping your applications up to date is quite simple, and something you should try to do often. There is no need to check the market every hour, but once a day or so should be sufficient to keep yourself all caught up and all your applications performing at their maximum potential.