We've got our hands on T-Mobile's reported Android Roadmap for the rest of the year and though it looks somewhat suspect, the conclusions are fairly logical. According to the roadmap we can expect an updated T-Mobile G1 to be released some time in Fall of this year along with the mysterious Samsung Houdini.

This timeframe makes a lot of sense because the G1 would have been on the market for one whole calendar year and would be in desperate need of a refresh. As noted in the roadmap, the current G1 will have reached "end-of-lifetime" when the new G1 is released. The photo shown as the T-Mobile G1 v2 could merely be a mockup, but it looks distantly similar to the Memphis, which we dubbed an Android phone in HTC's leaked product map.

As for the Samsung Houdini, we know that Samsung is supposedly releasing three Android Devices this year and that we've already found the other two (the I7500 and the S8000 'cubic'). Could this be the third Samsung Android device or is it simply one of the previously reported Android devices? We can't tell because the Houdini seems to fall in line with the full-touch, one-slab design of both the Cubic and I7500. We think it's the I7500 because again, the timeframe makes sense.

And finally, if this truly is the roadmap for Android devices in 2009--those blacked out boxes in the holiday season better have Android phones behind them or some other carrier is going to need to step up and deliver some Android hardware (looking at you Sprint). Just 3 new devices? Not good enough.