Amazon Appstore triples selection in a year to 240,000 apps

Amazon's Appstore for Android apps has seen tremendous growth over the past year. That growth has seen the selection triple from 80,000 apps to more than 240,000 today. Other companies like Apple or Google might announce such a thing at a press event like WWDC or I/O, but not Amazon. Even though there's an Amazon event set for Wednesday (which we will be attending) where we expect to see their first foray into smartphones, apparently Amazon couldn't wait to get the word out.

240,000 apps is nothing to sneeze at, though it does lag significantly behind million+ apps in Google Play and the Apple App Store. Amazon claims availability in nearly 200 countries for their Appstore, and that users have "spent hundreds of millions of Amazon Coins on apps, games, and in-app items."

According to an IDC survey (one commissioned by Amazon, so take it as you will), Kindle Fire app developers are seeing higher total revenue (65% of developers), better average revenue per user (74%), and improving access to new market segments (74% — which could just mean access to Kindle Fire users).

It's good to see healthy competition in the app marketplace, even if it does have to come from a behemoth like Amazon. At last count in December the Windows Phone Store was at 200,000 apps, so it's telling when the distant #2 store for a platform has about as many apps as the primary source for another.

Source: Amazon