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The Amazon Appstore is less than a year old, and still isn't officially available internationally. Despite this though, the latest report from app analytics company Distimo states that a good portion of Android developers are making decent money there. 

Of the top 110 apps appearing both in the Amazon Appstore and Android Market, the report claims that 42 of them are making more money from the Appstore. Additionally, 28 percent of the revenue from those top 110 came from the Appstore. 

The Appstore is also proving to be a popular place for paid applications. 62% of the apps are paid apps compared to just 32 percent at present in the Android Market. The Kindle Fire launch last year has played a massive part in the growth of the Amazon Appstore. 

Another interesting piece of information to emerge from this report regards Amazon exclusive applications. Distimo says that around 50 percent of Amazon's apps aren't present in the Android Market. While there isn't a clear definition on how many of these may be Kindle Fire versions of already established apps, it is still a surprisingly high percentage. 

Seems the future is bright over in the Amazon camp. There have been mixed reactions since it's inception over pricing and how Amazon controls it, and indeed how they handle compensating developers involved in the free app of the day. But it seems that there is money to be made by submitting applications to Amazon. And with their tighter control over what makes it into the Appstore, quality apps may find opportunities to shine through. Just imagine what could happen if the whole world could take advantage.

Source: GigaOM