Amazon expands Appstore to 41 more regions for an impressive 236 total

Amazon says that its Appstore for Android is now available in 236 countries and territories following this recent expansion of 41 more regions. That said, not all apps within the Amazon Appstore catalog will be available in all regions due to local laws and restrictions on certain apps and content. However, for consumers, this will be another venue to purchase and download apps, which will be especially beneficial to BlackBerry customers who rely on Amazon's Appstore to deliver Android apps to their devices.

Here are some of the recently added regions:

Algeria, Djibouti, Kazakhstan, Mauritania, Qatar, Tunisia, Azerbaijan, Egypt, Kuwait, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Bahrain, Eritrea, Kyrgyzstan, Niger, Senegal, Turkmenistan, Bangladesh, Gambia, Lebanon, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, United Arab Emirates, Brunei Darussalam, Guinea, Malaysia, Oman, Singapore, Uzbekistan, Burkina Faso, Indonesia, Maldives, Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen, Chad, Jordan, Mali, Palestinian Territories, Tajikistan

Do you use the Amazon Appstore? Let us know if you are finding it available in these new countries.

Source: Amazon

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