If you're a frequent user of Google's Allo and/or Duo, there's a good chance you're familiar with Amit Fulay. Fulay has been serving as the Head of Product for Real-Time Communications at Google since back in 2010, and along with the more recent Allo and Duo, Fulay also played a big part in creating Hangouts.

However, Fulay's time at Google has come to an end. On his Twitter account, Fulay said that today, January 8, 2018, is his first official day working at Facebook. His Twitter bio has been changed to indicate that he's now "Product @ Facebook", but it's unclear what his exact position within the company is.

Here's Fulay's full message:

Although they may not be Google's most popular services, I personally love using Allo and Duo. Google's yet to say who will be filling Amit Fulay's shoes, and it'll be interesting to see how these two platforms grow and possibly change throughout the year.

Facebook's M virtual assistant is being shut down on January 19