Adobe Photoshop Express

While the company does offer many apps on the Android platform like Photoshop Express, many of Adobe's more recent mobile apps have been made exclusively for the iPad, such as Comp CC and Slate. However, Adobe looks like it's ready to offer more support for Android. In a blog post today it stated:

While we initially launched these apps on iOS, we didn't forget you Android. We're working hard to develop Android phone support for some of our most popular apps. But we want to do it right, in a way that complements the strengths of the Android user experience and design. While we can't offer specific release dates, you should expect to see the first of these apps starting in Summer 2015.

We're also eagerly developing an Android version of the Creative SDK, which powers both Adobe and third-party apps. This SDK will allow the creation of more Android apps that connect you to your Creative Profile wherever you are.

Today's announcement did not offer any information on which apps will be the first to be launched on Android.

Source: Adobe