AdDuplex, an app advertising service that has primarily focused on Windows Phone, has announced a new platform called AppStretch for developers to crowdsource, fund and market new features for their Windows Phone, iOS, Mac and Android apps. AdDuplex says that it is starting the AppStretch platform in order to help indie developers better monetize their apps amid a trend pointing to falling revenues in recent years. Says AdDuplex:

We aim to help you collect important feature ideas from your fans by letting them put the money where their mouth is. Then you will be able to convert these or your own ideas into crowdfunding campaigns. And finally, we are still big believers in placing app marketing in front or at least on the same line as monetization, that's why AppStretch will have a second "currency" – social support for your campaigns and apps.

AdDuplex says that it wants keep AppStretch from becoming a place where features are funded only to go unimplemented, so the platform will be "for existing apps and proven developers."

There's no hard date for when AppStretch will launch, but AdDuplex says that it is aiming for sometime in Q1 of 2016. For now, interested developers can head to the AppStretch website to sign up ahead of time, which will also help AdDuplex gauge interest and target specific markets.

Source: AdDuplex