Acer C720 Chromebook

Canada, France, Germany and U.K. can now get their hands on the entry-level 2GB RAM model

Availability of the Acer C720 Chromebook from Google Play is expanding outside of the U.S. for the first time since its launch, heading to four new countries as of today. Now Chrombook buyers in the U.K., Canada, France and Germany have a new option for buying the $229 / £199 laptop, building on hit-or-miss availability from other retailers like Amazon.

For your money you'll be getting the same C720 as the other retailers are pushing — that means the standard non-touch screen and 2GB of RAM paired with a 16GB SSD and an Intel Celeron processor. You'll still have to head out to another retailer if you're interested in having 4GB of RAM or 32GB of storage and a touchscreen (that model's called the C720P).

But if you don't care much about the specifics and want what is still one of the best Chromebooks out there, you can now get the C720 straight from Google.

Source: Google Play Support