YouTube Music Key rumored to bring Google Play Music All Access and more

Google is rumored to be working on some big changes to its music subscription program for Google Play Music All Access as well as for YouTube. Under a new YouTube Music Key program, Google is slated to roll out a new music streaming program that will also see its current Google Play Music All Access Access get rebadged to Google Play Music Key as well, aligning both products.

The program is said to be priced at around $9.99 per month after a 30-day free trial offer and includes both YouTube Music Key as well as Google Play Music Key. The program includes offline playback and also content such as concert footage, covers, and remixes, according to a report on Android Police. Additionally, Music Key will also bring recommendations on what to watch or listen to next.

Yet, despite this leaked and rumored information, the publication confesses that it doesn't "know when this service is set to launch."

Are you a Google Play Music All Access subscriber, and if so, does this new program look attractive to you? Given Apple's investment into Beats Music, Amazon's Prime Music, T-Mobile's un-carrier Rhapsody launch, and Samsung's Milk Music, what options are you most interested in when it comes to a paid subscription music service?

Source: Android Police


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YouTube Music Key rumored to bring Google Play Music All Access and more


I wonder if this will have the same limitations as All Access does concerning authorizing and, in particular, deauthorizing devices. 

Android: It will make you a sexual tyrannosaurs, just like me.

All of this means nothing if it still has what you listed.

The concert footage sounds cool. Official videos would be great, too.

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Yeah, I mean ONLY 10 devices? I usually carry at least a dozen with me at all times...

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More importantly, you can only deactivate 4 device per year. I'm sure Google is doing that to prevent people from authorizing a friends device just for the day, but it still is a bother for people that switch devices often.....

Wonder what it will be like those already subscribed to all access, the they get YouTube Music key? Would be stupid if they don't allow you though.

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Sign me up. Would be really awesome if you could click on a artist name and that artist profile page had concert footage.

I'm already an all access subscriber so I better not have to "upgrade" to anything. I got on it during it's launch promotion.

The addition of YouTube is useless to me since I primarily use All Access in my car or at work where I can't even look at my phone much less watch a video... They will lose me as a customer if I'm forced to change my pricing from the $7.99 I have it at...

Second that! I was in at the cheap price. If they bump it they lose me. I can just switch over to Amazon sicne I'm a Prime member for CHristmas shopping.

Maybe not lose me. I will wait to see what<s in store but, if I "have" to switch to the new program with a higher price I might start to look elsewhere.

As long as those of us who have the $7.99 grandfathered price get to keep it. Although I'm sightly confused about this. Sounds like they're trying to merge both YouTube and Google music. I like the idea of concert footage. Live concert streaming would be awesome too.

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Right! If they keep the 7.99 price tag, then I see nothing wrong with it! If it goes to $9.99, I will try some different services. Play Music seems to have weird bugs that causes you to have to redownload music that was already downloaded. On top of that, it seems to be laggy every now and then.

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I agree. As long as the pricing is the same or you can opt out of YouTube key to keep the price I'm fine. I really love the Google music app and it's gotten better too. But I'd have no problem going back to Spotify. At least the desktop version is amazing. Google music browser on PC is okay. The storage locker feature has kept me with Google music too. Also if this means videos that are blocked now or not available for mobile because of content rights works for YouTube key that would be a bonus. Makes me hate the music industry even more though

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More features the better, but I hope they'll keep my $7.99 promo price. If I lose that, I'll be very tempted to cancel the subscription.

Love All Access. Had since day one. Love you tube. Win win for me. Probably a great way to monetize YouTube as well. Only recently started my own private channel and am pretty impressed with the ease of managing videos. Really interested in old concert footage. Hoping the quality of some videos will be improved.

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I have all access. I got it when it first went live so I got the promotional monthly rate. If they do rebrand it to Google Music Key and throw in Youtube Music Key for no extra cost, that would be a sweet bonus. It would be a nice feature the other music services don't have and might get a lot more people to sign up for the service.

I agree. As an early adopter myself I hope this isn't Google's attempt to increase the monthly rate for everyone who bought in early and pay the $7.99. I will need more information about the Music Key service to really comment on it but if Google adds more services without any additional cost, that will be great.

If it's included, that'd be sweet. If it isn't, I won't upgrade unless it gets rid of ads across YouTube.

Also, I'm looking at that picture and thinking, "For everything else, there's Google Keys."

Imagine having a subscription for all keys/services eventually and it being called the Skeleton Key.

I am curious what the interface will be like for this. But yeah it sounds good and a way to differentiate the service from the others out there.

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Wait you all still have that $7 pricing? Dam I joined on launch day to get the special price, just realised I am paying the normal price now.

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Oh wait nevermind, Australia tax. Apparently it costs $2 a user to stream over here.

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I'm in the $7.99 camp. I welcome all additions and changes as long as I get to keep the 7.99 and unlimited music. It's all I really care about in reality...0:00 - end of the song

If they try to "force" me to pay $9.99, I'll use the 6 disk changer in my SUV more.

Already got 6 cartridges for it. That's 36 disks in my center console. Lol. It works.

What will happen to YouTube as we know it though? we can currently view music and music videos at no charge, I'm not going to pay for something that was once free

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What I'd really like to see is the ability to authorize a device for Google Play Music All Access, but NOT your entire Google account. I want to be able to use my All Access account from a number of my devices - including my daughter's phone (which I own) without giving her access to my gmail. If anyone knows how to do this, please PM me.

Sorry buddy, you're never gonna see that day come. Sony music put a fix on that in their licensing agreement with Google. It is a one user license and in being so you may use it on up to 10 devices on only one at a time. And to do so you must be signed into your Google account.

I have the exact same problem and I have moved on in what to do to quam my daughters minor pestering over the matter. I have looked far and wide but as of yet I can find no way to ask Google how I can pay for her a seperate subscription, ran by her google account and not have to tie any bank account of mine to her account. Just bill me for it like they do mine every month.