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No one wants to leave their house in the morning dressed in their finest only to get hit ten minutes later by a nasty rain storm, do they? Sure there are tons of weather applications already available in the market, but that doesn't mean there isn't room for one more and the next one to enter is from Yahoo! Unlike any other application out there Yahoo! Weather gives you beautiful hi-resolution images of the city you are viewing the weather for, in addition to all the standard features like a five day forcast, the ability to share your current conditions on your favorite social media channel, and much more. Download links after the break.

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Yahoo! Weather app storms its way into the Android market


It can be the best looking App in the world, if they don't change their source for the actual weather, I will pass. Yahoo weather has always been a fail for accuracy for whereever I have lived. I prefer beweather.....wunderground is the best.

No radar? I've got to have weather radar if I'm using a weather app. I'm currently using WeatherBug, but the style of it makes it look like it was decorated for an 8yr old back in 2001 when XP came out. Horrible styling.

I want a sleek, business man styled weather app with 5-10 day forecast and radar. Is that too much to ask?

Wicketr raises a good point. The only weather app that could be used by an adult and not make you feel like you are in a 3rd grade science class is HTC's weather in Sense. However, HTC seems to think 4 days of temp is enough info... Why are weather apps made for kids now and days? Give us an app that is fully functional as a weather app and has a nice sleek look to it.

P.S: That "Y!" logo ruins the app for me. I can't stand the thought of that corpse of a search engine trying to make a name for it's self on my phone. Yahoo needs to look at friendster and myspace (soon facebook will be added to that list) to see what an unyielding fool looks like on the internet.

I do not understand the desire to have such a long range forecast. I laugh and roll my eyes when I see those seven day forecasts on the evening local news. Here in the Seattle area, the meteorologists only get the next day's weather correct 80% of the time so five days out they only have 0.8^5 chance of getting it right (~33%). All kidding aside, it doesn't matter what weather service you use. They all get their forecasts from the National Weather Service, change it a little, and call it their own. I use the Weatherbug app only for getting real temperatures where I am currently. Forecasts for me come directly from the NWS wireless access page via my web browser (fast loading, text only). I also use the web browser to view animated radar via the Wunderground site. Probably in the minority though with an OG Droid so I try to stay minimalist when possible. I would load up on apps if I had that darn Galaxy Nexus (c'mon VZW put it out already). I agree the Weatherbug app styling could be improved.

Weather bug elite is by far the best I have used and won't switch but its hard to believe yahoo wont step it up.

I like me some weather apps, and am always looking for a newer nicer one. I like Go Weather personally, but they funny thing is living in San Diego weather is not really an issue but I like to know it anyway!

I recommend Weatherbug Elite too. It gives you the most information and it has radar maps. It was one of the first app purchases I made when I bought a Droid in 2009 and I haven't regretted it.

Agreed. No matter how many weather apps I try, I always go back to Weather Bug Elite. Although since I live in Phoenix, there's not much change in the weather.

Beautiful hi-resolution images of the city you are viewing the weather for?

Well, I let it choose my current location, and it used a photo from 150 miles away. When I changed it to my home address 5 miles from here, the photo switched to an image from 400 miles away.