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Yahoo -- you know, that other search engine -- have added a search category for Android applications. The main search results page sees a new tab labelled "Apps" giving users the opportunity to find Android applications attached to any of their search queries. We're not short of ways to search for apps across the interwebs, but seeing such a well run solution from major, mainstream a search engine is definitely a good thing.

The service also covers iOS applications, but has a handy filter to ensure that we don't see those when we're searching. Search results can also be filtered for price and category. When you find an app you like, right from the search results you can head straight to the Android Market to download, send a link for the app to your phone or scan a QR code for the application. You can also quite handily view the Android Market reviews for each application you find without having to go to the Market first which is a nice touch. We also get a "trending now" box, and it too has the iPhone/Android filter choices applied. 

I tried it out by typing in "soccer football scores" and the results were pleasantly surprising. Yahoo's own apps featured pretty prominently towards the top of the results, but it brought up results for ESPN Scorecenter, ScoreMobile, and Sky Sports Football Score Centre to name but a few. 

All in all it's a pretty well designed feature, and while Yahoo may not be the most popular search engine, it does a good job of what it set out to do. Perhaps a bigger point to mention is that it offers a more comprehensive application search solution that Google themselves. Choice is always a good thing, so try it out for yourselves by hitting the source link below. 

Source: Yahoo

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danjafromdav says:

Not bad at all haven't searched anything,on yahoo since middle school days

Archon810 says:

Pretty sure Yahoo has unveiled the Android app search engine ages ago. and probably before that (don't be confused with ios bit in the url - it's Android, not ios).

It's new on my side of the world at least :-)

rebornr says:

Is filtering by tablet optimized all that hard?

extraclass says:

Yahoo needs a NEW or SORT NEWEST FIRST so we can find the newest apps and not have to scroll through the PROMOTED APPS over and over again!

Ya who???

Jonneh says:

The only product from Yahoo that I use anymore is Flickr. It's just 987923x's better than Picasa for me.

Just tested it. It's cool. Google needs this.