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If you're into flight simulators and you haven't tried X-Plane 9 now is the time to do so. The popular app is now free in Google Play instead of it's normal $2.99.

I've been a fan of the app since day one, and it gives us pretty much the best flight sim experience possible on Android. You initially get to choose from 10 different types of aircraft to fly but there are in-app purchases available with 43 more planes up for grabs. Whether it's a passenger jet, a small aircraft or a state of the art fighter jet there is a load of fun to be had with X-Plane 9.

With a selection of different viewing options you really can tailor the app to suit your needs. Take my word for it - you need X-Plane 9 on your Android phone or tablet.  Features of the app include:

  • 6 scenery regions included (15 more available for purchase)
  • 10 different aircraft of varying types (43 more available for purchase)
  • Fly Dawn, Day, Dusk, Night
  • Fly in VFR/IFR conditions from clear skies to overcast.
  • You control the weather!
  • Simulated system failures!
  • Bird Strikes!
  • Multiplayer over WiFi!
  • Installs right to your SD card (Froyo/2.2 support required)

If you fancy reading our quick review on X-Plane 9 before downloading you can do so here.

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Reader comments

X-Plane 9 goes free on Google Play


I paid for this app over 9 months ago andnow its free what did i get for buying it . . . . Nothing a few planes would of been nice to go with the ones i already purchased but after emailing the dev about this they basically told me to f-off ant they dont care about every1 who helped them to get this off the ground, not impressed at all about this.

Wait what? If you bought this app yesterday or a few days ago then I could understand but over 9 months ago? Something is wrong with you, so sad.

I've got to agree that it is pretty silly to e-mail the developer wanting something for free 9 months after buying the app.

Things go on sale or prices get reduced all the time, but you probably don't contact the manufacturer/seller and ask for compensation when the asking price of the phone you bought is reduced, or do you?

Total BS. I bought this app when it would first came out for $10 to support its development on android. The scumbag developer promised that we would be getting regular app updates with more planes and scenery, but what they failed to tell us is that we would be paying for it through in app purchasing unlike the iPhone/iPad version which has all of that included. It then took them 6 months to get any updates and instead of including the same features and content they have in the Apple version of XPlane Mobile, all android got was broken promises and totally screwed by IAP. To add salt to the wound it does not have the in cockpit views or advanced graphics that the Apple version includes. Not only did I have to pay $10 for the app but now if I want all the content which is given for free to Apple users I would have to pay $60+ ($1 x60+ "add-ons"). Those using Apple products get all of the content including better graphics more features, internal views and every single add-on scenery+aircraft all for $10. This developer has totally taken a crap on android in favored Apple. Don't support these a-holes.

Fyi I emailed the dev and they basically said they were not supporting the android version because it did not make them enough money. Funny if they just offered android users the same content at the same price as Apple that might not have been an issue.

That's ok, I will make my $10 back when I "Hypotheticaly" torrent a copy of xplane 10. You want to fk me You greedy corporate bagles? Watch how quick I can fk You right back. Ain't love grand? Dicks.

I love your rant!
But the reason that you're torrenting is the same reason that they made it free with in-app purchases. They said screw us, and so we said screw them, and they said screw us again because they already have our money. Then they decided to wipe off the Vaseline and screw us for free.

You forgot the word hypothetically. In all actuality I have wasted too much money I don't actually have on Microsoft Flight Simulator X Addons and there is no way I will be switching simulators. The comment was more or a fu to Lam, the company who makes XPlane. I will never use any of their products again free, paid or otherwise. Why support these dicks? I support Android and its developers, not some Apple goon that decided to come to Android to rape us for money to fund the multitude of feature updates on the iOS version.

Fyi I have never stolen an Android game; why would anyone want to open the risk of intrusion on your mobile device with all the personal data, over what is typically an app under $5? I would tell anyone who would consider it to stop eating fast food lunch for a day and support the developer. Again, the comment above was more sarcasm, but still fk them sideways.