XCOM for Android

Strategy gamers will be happy to hear that the highly acclaimed XCOM: Enemy Unknown, is now available on Android for $9.99. This title has seen a ton of critical success on PC and iOS already, and based on early reviews, looks like it's well-optimized for Android. An Amazon version's on the way too.

XCOM is a mix of strategic turn-based combat and long-term base-building. Players engage in international missions to clear out alien threats in an attempt to keep global panic to a minimum. These combat missions require the intelligent usage of cover, mobility, and specialized skills. Keeping your squad alive isn't just a matter of making it through a level, since once a member is dead, they're gone for good and you have to train a rookie from scratch to replace them.

Though players earn rewards for completing missions, they have to stay in the good books of countries around the world in order to the keep funding coming in. and continue researching new technologies like weapons, jets, infrastructure, and lots more.

XCOM is a mature, balanced strategy game with no in-app purchases, a great premise, and some truly polished graphics. It's definitely worth the $9.99.


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X-COM: Enemy Unknown now available on Google Play


Oh, so only a couple of months shy of a year later than the first mobile version. That's so much better! ¬¬'

People need to get over this "I don't mind and waiting" mentality. I see it on every post about a game FINALLY being released in android months to a year after iOS. People wonder why companies don't bother.

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This is such a good game, that I still play from time to time on the PC, its still holds up and was released for iOS in 2013. Yes it sucks we had to wait almost a year, but if people want quality titles like this to come to Android faster we have to put our money where our mouth is.

Well said. And also we need to start spending on paid for games to curb the rise of freemium

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Personally, I'm ok with getting games a year or two later, at a fraction of the cost when new, as I am personally so backlogged with good games to play, I'll not get around to them any time soon anyway.

That said, I will purchase this right now just to help prove (in some small way) that quality games, offered in full, can be successful in the play store. Just wish their was an option to buy, but not have to install on a device.

-Edit- Oosh.. 3.6GB. I don't have that kind of space free on my tablet just yet...

Does anyone know if the Android version supports cloud saving/syncing between devices?


Just bought Shadowrun, this one will be the next ! It's so nice to see such great games on our beloved store !
And has said guyfromtrinidad : Buy games !!! It's the best way to see good games coming faster in the playstore !

Freemium kills good games. Dungeon Keeper is a good example. I rather pay for Asphalt 7 and have everything then 8 for Freemium. My friends who play agree.

I wish I could see a video to get a better understanding of the game first, as I have never played the game on PC.
Time to head to YouTube.

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I bought this day one for the Xbox 360...and later got it again on my PS3. I LOVE this game! Consider that the original game cost me $59 on the 360, and aside from some VERY minor graphics tweaks, it's the EXACT same game! Well worth the $10 they are asking. There are so very few QUALITY games on Android, and SO many developers avoiding the platform because of the perception that Android users don't like paying for apps (FALSE!). If you want to see more QUALITY, touchscreen optimized games on Android, you should buy this immediately! Especially if you are a fan of XCOM or strategy/tactics games in general!

I don't know why they waited so long for an android port but XCOM is one of my favorite strategy games, in fact it's my number one game in general. I know they said comparability was an issue but still, upgrade to something better if your current device is not compatible.
Either way, thank you Firaxis ^_^
Finally a really fun game for Android devices.