WWE Tough Enough

The WWE's "Tough Enough" wrestling reality show returns to the USA Network tonight at 11:05 p.m. EST -- right after Wrestlemania XXVII and "Raw" -- and along with it comes a brand new Android application. It's designed to be used while you watch the show, with check-in features that allow you to compete against your friends, plus hidden features that will be unlocked during the show. You'll also earn points that can be redeemed through USA's Tough Club program, chat with your friends and other "Tough Enough" fans during the program.

Android and the WWE. Nice. Look for the app to go live this evening. We've got more screenshots after the break. [Tough Enough]

Update: And the app is now available.

WWE Tough Enough

WWE Tough Enough

WWE Tough Enough

WWE Tough Enough


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WWE 'Tough Enough' returns tonight, brings Android, iOS apps to the ring


boring. in fact there's been hardly any interesting android news recently.

hey Phil, why don't you and your minions do some digging around and bring us some of those juicy unconfirmed rumours from anonymous sources?

Like when is the next Honeycomb update coming along? How does Sergei really feel about Larry? etc.

Everyone at the AC crew does a GREAT job bringing us news. There's only 1 Honeycomb tablet out there, so right now, only one update at a time. And we just got one less than 2 weeks ago. Phones and Tablet news has been pouring out of the sky here. How bout you use the forums too? I would have not known how to root, use my Android phone/Xoom properly if it wasn't for this site and forums. I wouldn't have known this app existed if it wasn't for this place. So stop being a hater for no reason.

To the AC crew, thanks.

Sounds cool I've always enjoyed watching wrestling since I was a kid. It might be scripted but still cool to watch.

I'm amazed people still watch this garbage! I thought it died in the 80's along with the mullet. :D