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Wrestling fans, WWE has launched their first official app on Android today and is available in Google Play for free. For something about spandex-clad dudes pretending to beat the snot out of one another, there's actually a lot to the app.

There's a breaking news section for the latest updates in the ridiculous world of pro wrestling. There's also a ton of recent and archived wrestling videos available to stream. Wrestlers, divas, and legends all have their own bios, complete with biographies, milestones, photos, and links to their Twitter and Facebook pages. There's a full event schedule too if you want to buy tickets for the next time WWE comes to town, as well as a store to get kitted out with wrestling swag. For those that are really gung-ho about WWE, there's a bunch of community tools so you can talk shop in the forums from the app. 

The biggest thing the WWE app is offering is something called RAWactive, which allows fans to participate in live polls and get additional contextual information while Monday Night Raw is on. 

Any wrestling fans out there itching to catch up what's happening in WWE? I've got to admit to being a little inerested in checking out some of the classic videos. Yokozuna vs. Undertaker casket match really stands out for some reason, but what's your favorite wrestling moment of all time?

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WWE launches first app, includes live second-screen experience for Monday Night Raw


Used to LOVE wrestling. Not so much now. BUT the app is well designed and gets major thumbs up for being mostly holo themed, slick app. Great job!

Pretty much just repeating what dwd said. Don't watch wrestling like I use to, but still catch it sometimes. Downloaded the app and pretty impressed so far.

I got back into wrestling a few years ago and this app is great...well minus the awful sounds you get when launching the app. Should be fun to use while Raw is on TV though.

The RawActive thing would be great, if only Comcast/Xfinity still had USA's HD channel on the East Coast feed. Loved watching Raw at 6p, then my primetime network shows. Now my 9pm Raw watching conflicts with my other shows I watch/record

This is going to be a kayfabed app, more or less an app version of Unless they offer a better streaming feature for old matches that they add every once and a while, I am not downloading this.

I'll answer the question first:

Best Wrestling Moment: Undertaker vs Mankind (Mick Foley) 1998 Hell in the Cell Match. Foley not only gets tossed from the top of the steel cage into a table on the floor but then gets choke slammed through the top of the steel cage onto the ring mat below. It doesn't end there though. Taker doesn't get the 3 count until he choke slams Mankind onto the wrestling ring covered with thumb tacks. The whole match was just one "HOLY #$%@" moment after the other.

Onto the other stuff: WWE has been pushing the RAW Active portion of their show over the last month or so. Basically they are utilizing Twitter to allow the audience to vote for an opponent or stipulation in a match. They're also promoting TOUT which gives the audience a chance to record a 15 second clip about what they're thinking about the show, a match, etc. The clip may end up being shown on Raw.

I'll probably check it out. It would be cool if they incorporated TOUT into the app so people could record it with their phones.