Woz and friends

Bloomberg has posted a short interview with Apple co-founder and everyone's favorite geek Steve Wozniak, and part of it spoke about the ongoing legal battles between Apple and Samsung. Woz, who is a tech fan in general and has went on record praising Android, doesn't seem to like the direction his old employer is heading.

“I hate it,” Wozniak said when asked about the patent fights between Apple and Samsung. “I don’t think the decision of California will hold. And I don’t agree with it -- very small things I don’t really call that innovative.

“I wish everybody would just agree to exchange all the patents and everybody can build the best forms they want to use everybody’s technologies.”

He also spoke about the updated camera in the new iPhone 5, which he hopes has improved because his friends tell him that his Galaxy S3 (Galaxy S III) and Motorola RAZR takes better pictures than his iPhone 4 does. We have to wonder why he is using an old iPhone, but agree that the Galaxy S3 can take some awful nice pictures.

Maybe Woz is a bit idealistic, but it helps us remember that not everyone wants thermonuclear patent war.

Source: Bloomberg


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Woz on the Apple v Samsung patent fights: 'I hate it'


He carries with him about 5 different smartphones of various different platforms. Usually a few iPhones, and a Galaxy Nexus aren't all that uncommon.

I bet Woz gets a real B1tchSlap in his mailbox.

I've been saying that decision won't hold up since the day it was posted. So has Groklaw.

He. Needs to go into Tim cooks office and tell him bitch I was coding when you were in diapers when you were in first grade I was working on graphical interfaces now let me teach you some shit if it weren't for me you wouldn't be in that chair you little shit stain and bitch slap him seriously Steve needs to use his influence in apple and show them how the ol gs did it and maybe i'll respect them this is all distaistful and benifets no one bc every dog has its day and like in the micro soft days in the courtroom apples got it coming to them and they only got to blame themselves shame on you apple go steve ;)

He's still on Apples payroll, and while he collects about $1 a year from Apple, he has no influence on the company whatsoever. Doesn't have an active roll at Apple anymore.

While he may not have an official role or authority, it's naive to think that he does not have influence. He co founded the company and no doubt has many friends and colleagues there who owe him favors and whatnot. The question is weather he would be willing to use his influence or not. He seems like a very laid back guy from what I've read.

Woz should have been sitting on the jury. He is a very entertaining guy and being a genius doesn't hurt.

People who run public companies are forced to serve the needs of share holders. Woz chose NOT to hold such a job. Perhaps to avoid being forced into decisions like suing Samsung. Sure - we all love the dude, but we must face reality.

This problem is deeply woven into corporate rules and patent law. Changing this requires national (possibly even international) solutions. It will take years.

Apple have been having a war saying Android copied them.
Next I read an article about the new iphone 5 praising it because you can now take panorama shots (Android since gingerbread) and even take stills while shooting video! (HTC ONE X has been all over TV ads with that for months).

Colour me shocked.

Woz clearly saids in one of his interview that he did not like the direction apple was going...and yes, he is the man, always was, and always will be. what device is he holding in the photo ?

Woz is awesome, but he's only the latest to come out and predict that the lopsided jury verdict will not hold up. And it won't. If Judge Koh doesn't throw it out, the appeals court will. I don't know how the jury bought Apple's case, but the Foreman opened his mouth and a what came out of it aren't comments of an impartial juror.

He's a great guy

"..doesn't seem to like the direction his old employer is heading.."

could also say "doesn't seem to like the direction his baby is heading"

You can have my Daughter's Iphone when you pry it from her cold dead fingers LOL . Seeing my little girls love for her Iphone (she is 16) made me love Apple. But Apple has made enemies out those of us that use both IOS and Android phones . For months my girl has put money in a jar and called it her Iphone 5 fund (we have to pay full price to keep her Unlimited data) today we renamed the fund the GS3 fund we are done with apple ..........

First, Woz is great! Always get an honest take from him.

Second, "Awful nice pictures"? Grammatically the same as "nice awful pictures". I am assuming you meant "awfully"?

People tell him the RAZR taken better pics than the iPhone 4? Really? Anyone who says that literally needs to get their vision checked . I love the RAZR and agree it is an overall better phone but no way the camera is better than the iPhone.