Some great digital art from some great people, and great prizes will soon be on their way

Last week we told you about a Pen.UP, Samsung's new social network for people who like to create and share digital art, and got with Samsung to hold a contest where people could show off their best stuff. Last night, things closed down and we had to sort through and pick three winners, who are about to get some great prizes from Samsung. 

Everyone has been contacted and we can share what we thought were the three best entries. Hit the break and see them.

First place


First place and the prize of a Note 3, a Galaxy Gear and a S-View Flip Cover goes to natehoch96 for this picture of Walter White. 

Second place


The second place prize — a Galaxy S4 and a S-View Flip Cover — goes to MattC and his "Anchors Aweigh" piece.

Third place


The third place prize — A Massive Sound ESH70 wired stereo headset and a Flip Cover for any Samsung Phone — goes out to dianimator and her great under-the-sea work "Surprise!"

Congrats to each and every one of you, the competition was very stiff! Keep an eye on your inbox while we sort the details with Samsung to get your stuff on its way. 


Reader comments

Winners of the Samsung Pen.UP contest


That Walter White is sick! The second place sailor girl looks good too, though maybe it's just me but the shadows of the legs look screwed up, but still looks great! The third is also excellent! Very clean work... Congratulations to the winners! Good stuff!

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So this was a talent contest? I though it was random selection? Great drawings tho

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So this was a talent contest? I though it was random selection? Great drawings tho

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I'm not sure how this was selected to be honest. These drawings are legit and within the top 80% of what was submitted, but there were many submissions that were at a semi-pro level and several at a professional level. Perhaps that kind of professional artistry was not what this contest was for, I can totally get down with that.

Anyhow the contest was judged by Jerry, and I respect that whoever he chose were his favorites and they deserve the prizes totally. Just voicing that from what I've seen of the entries, many of them are just outstanding.

The third place is the best of the winners, style-wise and talent-wise and the second place spent a good amount of time working out a B&W sketch. I'm confused over the first place other than going with a great iconic source.

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OK, I wouldn't call out someone else artwork and say it "sucks" that is just rude.

Someone put effort into their drawing and submitted it. Should it have won? Doesn't matter, you aren't the judge.

That being said, the image of Walter White in that specific pose has been illustrated time and time again it is all over the internet. The artist took an interesting approach to recreating the image, some very general shapes and then other areas are most heavily worked in to, like the eyes and beard. Not my cup of tea, but ALL art is subjective.

Lol I was just joking. Look at the name of who submitted it and my name. I really wasn't trying to be mean or anything, just teasing :)

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It just shows opinions are different. I didn't like the 3rd at all. But all is good.

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Wow congrats to the winners but hope there will be a contest for international posters here. Would love a second note 3 hehe

Bollocks! Am I the only one who thinks the first two look traced off another layer? Thought it was all about originality? Anyone with good hands can draw those!

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This is rather a good app from Samsung. better design compared to the some of their other apps. Maybe they are trying to change the design language.

For those who want the apk:

It should work for any device, just don't sign-up. Choose explore and you can view the contents.

Great job, winners! Congrats! I love how the app isn't compatible with my 1st Gen Note 10.1. By the time I got the .apk and sideloaded it, the contest was over. Nevertheless, I can see myself using this app for a long time. It's a great layout and works well. Interested in seeing how it develops. Anyone on it, feel free to follow me - my username is "Damion" - I like to keep it simple :p

I an completely disappointed. I would never in a million years choose the copy/paste of Walter White sketch over the nurse, Atleast the nurse shows WAY more creativity, much more effort, and above all else, TON's more skill and Professionalism. The num took picturing an image in your head and working on it + bringing it to life from your own imagination. The MOST effort used on the breaking "horrible" Pic was actually finding a pic on the web, sketching & copying it, and submitting it. I gotta Admit, I definitely disagree with your guys' decision on this one...

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Wow.. They all look Great! The first one is sick. Have love for the second being veteran..... And the third... Great color and look

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Wow... congrats. .. I'm not trying to be a hater... But I've posted my work on there which is BY FAR better and I don't think I'm the best ... Their is people there who wows me. But reading from these comments me and some other people r so talented that I'm sure people would say "we traced a layer". It suck that people doubt our talents

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I wanna slap these people in the face and shake them and say "how could you possibly know how to draw like this? " shit is bananas to have this much talent. I cant wrap my head around how you can "just know" how to do that. I tell you what though I can draw a stickman like nobodys business