Telenav-Sprint EVO 3D contest

What could be better than the possibility of winning one of the hottest phones of the summer? How about two free phones? We're giving away not one but two Sprint HTC EVO 3D's, with some help from the folks at Sprint and TeleNav, whose TeleNav GPS Navigator app comes preloaded on the EVO 3D and is FREE for Sprint subscribers.

Here's what you need to do to enter:

  • Follow @telenav, @sprint and @androidcentral on Twitter.
  • Leave a comment on this post, including your twitter handle.
  • Contest ends at 5 p.m. PST July 15, 2011, at which time two winners will be picked at random (provided you followed the instructions above).
  • It's a Sprint phone, so you need to be in the United States. (Sorry, world.)
  • Telenav's offering the hardware only. Prize(s) estimated retail value is $600 per phone, or $1,200 total in prizes.
  • We can't stop you from entering more than once, but we'll know if you do.

That's it, folks. Follow us all on Twitter, and leave a comment here. Good luck!


Reader comments

Win one of two EVO 3Ds from TeleNav, Sprint and Android Central


I, @gundamfan (twitter account), would love to get a new phone, my blackberry 8330 is getting way old and can't afford a new phone...damn graduate student loans! If I win, i'll take tons of unboxing pictures to show the joy!! If I dont win..well, thanks for making this site so awesome, keep up the great work!


@TheJonShea would be a nice replacement to my Epic 4G ! and would be nice to rub it in my flatmates face who works for sprint!

My girlfriend needs a better phone, this would be perfect!!!
Twitter username: @lookitsdan

Please i want phone because i don't have any android.This will be my first android.And i love android.:-)

Twitter: @Blacke1

I have been with Sprint for 13 years and have enjoyed every phone I have had. I would love to continue that trend by getting the best phone of all the cell phone companies. The EVO 3D. My slogan is "Watch as the EVO 3D with TELENAV guides itself to make a SPRINT to the top. Thanks. @WatkinsChet


My EVO 4G is great and can't wait to win the new EVO 3D. Looking forward to your selecting me... :-)

and as I recieve this gracious gift I would like to express how torn I feel right now. For this is the only phone I could ever replace my beloved EVO4G with. In fact I will give my EVO4G to the wife so I can continue my love affair with it until me and the 3D get more accustomed.

This phone is sick, I would love to rock it in Seattle, twitter is psc2121 thanks guys!

By the time I win it should be fully rooted! I would gladly drop my Shift for the 3D

I'd love to win this new phone because my phone is a piece of crap and it pisses my boyfriend off. :)

Twitter: @hello_jodie

The timing of this contest is perfect. Just recently found out our local VZW tower is being 'moved' and the new one places us significantly near the outside edge of the service. Sprint FTW!!!


Yes! Please pick me! 3D evo would be an amazing replacement to my Evo 4G! Twitter: OneCesar. Thanks! :-)

I would love me a evo3d, mainly because I do everything from my phone and secondly the HTC evo 4g is gonna lose support now that the 3d is out. Simply I can't afford a brand new phone and no upgrade since I just bought the evo 3 months ago not knowing a better phone was coming :'(

Twitter: twiztidvandal

The 4G's, The Wifi's, and The 3Ds. I need it all from the best cell phone company. C'mon Sprint. I need that phone to my friend's jealous. Twitter handle is Kfra315

I AM SO, SO, SO late on this but I will take a chance anyway. I recently switched from the BB Style to an EVO that my friend was nice enough to sell to me. I love the phone and could get a lot of use from the 3D camera with my daughter. I don't tweet much but my handle is @goonnage. Thanks...

I was looking to go back to Sprint. This will help nicely covered my etf from Verizon.

Twitter: @13umble

I'm trying to convince my wife to try an android phone. I love my 3D.

twitter: @dwandy2880

A new EVO 3D would be an excellent upgrade from my bb. Thanks!Twitter: @BCDude

Hey I could really use the EVO 3D. Thanks Telenav, Sprint, and AC for the opportunity.

Twitter: @ho0lee0h

I really need a new phone...mine keeps calling people whenever it wants...And my wife still has a TREO...remember those?

Twitter: @Cookhacker

Thank you guys so much for giving some of us that can't afford the EVO 3D a chance to win one.


@reneeoneal loves Telenav, Sprint and Android Central. I would find it very hard to live without any of them, seriously, not just saying this to win an awesome Evo 3D to replace my Evo (and give Evo to my daughter who is also on my 4 line Sprint account!). I have been with Sprint for about 12 years, been using Telenav (formerly Sprint Navigation) since I got my first Sprint phone that had it pre-installed, either my Sanyo 8400 or by Blackberry 8330. I was in heaven!!!! Now I use Google Navigation to find a place (Telenav needs to improve on this feature or I need to learn how to use it) and then I choose Telenav when I navigate there.

Android Central keeps me up to date on all things Android and it is amazing how often something they post relates to me and the way I use my phone. (pick me, pick me!!!)

Lets goooooooo! An EVO 3D! I have a Hero...I'm curious to see how much smoother the TeleNav will be...
Twitter: @Arch1tekt

From @Kris10Joe

It'd be great to have this phone. TeleNav has always been a great GPS system.

I seriously need a new phone. I'm stuck with this abomination of a cell phone but can't afford a new one.

my Twitter: @GettindownSKI

The EVO 3D is a machine! TeleNav is the best looking phone GPS app Ive seen and it would be even better on a big EVO screen! @brandoneglenn

would love to get this phone!! i want that 1.2 gHz, dual-core processing, qHD res. sexiness!!!

Twitter: @cg_112358

Time to move my wife to a smart phone. She needs to use the telenav application. Great contest, my first entry in any of your contests.

Twitter is @davecump

I would LOVE to win this phone!!!
I have been a sprint customer for well over 10 years now.
Twitter @Matt_Rinehart_5

I would love to start living my smartphone life in 3D. So phone GOD'S bless me with the most ridiculous phone to date.
Twitter is @bubbsdahottest

Totally have been wanting to switch to Sprint for this phone would love to get it!

Twitter = @joeyfeffer

Looking at leaving webOS for Android - looking to use AndroidCentral to help me choose a phone...

@kuoirad on twitter.


I love TeleNav. It's my favorite gps app. I would love to have an EVO 3D.
My twitter handle: ussclueless

My EVO is by far the best piece of electronics I have yet to own. Would love the sequel


Twitter - RemWHale
I wonder what possibilities for gaming there can be!
I'm not sure yet What applications this will come in handy for - maybe taking 3d pictures!

The Evo 3d is the hottest phone out and will be for a while. No phone out there is touching it.

I would love to win 1 so i can get rid of my inspire 4g and get a nice shiny evo 3d =D

Twitter: @freakinggoob

This is the 1st phone I have been envious of this year. I would love to have one please. @andymedders

would def love a new evo3d as i was thinking about upgrading but i can't afford it right now :(

twitter @jcup24

Interesting contest and those are some sweet phones =) Finally gave me a reason to sign up after just reading articles all day lol.

Twitter: Metalshadow626.

I need a New Phone.. The Evo 3D would be awsome! Oh Boy Oh Boy Oh Boooyyyy! Telenav, Sprint, and Android Central.. Hook it up!


I Love Android Central! Only android related site that has awesome Prizes like these!!!! P.S.- This could be your alls late bday or early christmas present to some one who cares :)

Hey, that will be great to get a new phone, thanks to everyone for doing this
Twitter : T_Marco

My twitter handle is @astraith and I wanna win! :D Good luck guys !!! Hopefully one of you will win the other one!

And thanks Android Central for running this cool contest! Being a phone lover is not cheap!

I need a new EVO 3D! I'm still using a Samsung Moment, and my wife's had the EVO for months now. I need something to take her down a peg or two! @dashripkin

This is cool. It would be nice to have a good phone for my wife. Twitter is @CJCasab

yep, maybe i can finally upgrade my EVO 4G.
but idunno if upgrade would be the right term
.. @Tw33dler

Well I'm looking to switch from my original Palm Pre into the android family. It would be awesome to jump to the front of the line with the brand new Evo!

Twitter: Liquidglass7

Love it! Long live the Evo Lution!!! My mother has The 4G, would love the bragging rights of having the 3D :) - Tyler Steck @Steckletoad

I have been salivating to get my hands on one of these, but, alas, a new muffler is more of a priority. So winning one would be perfect.


i want to get rid of my wifes iphone.....this will guys are awesome and i love the site..thanks..@paul_g_miller

twitter = @Kent_Davis PLEASE pick me I would love to use these to give out to my wife and kids! Plus today is my birthday and it would be a SWEET day after my 45th birthday gift! thanks love androidcentral you are my main source of info!

I would like to be the one to win the contest, HTC makes solid phones I had a Hero before and would love to see how HTC has improved since then. This thing will be dual core sexiness in the palm of your hand.

Twitter : Boombatz13

this is an awesome contest that android central is having with sprint & telenav. Twiiter handle is: @darynchristo

Broke student needs new phone for Android development! The Evo 3D would be perfect!

Twitter: @DJLevy7

This could be the phone that finally gets my wife to upgrade. She wants to drop Verizon because of smartphone plan prices, but she also does still love her LG enV. The geek in me wants her to upgrade so badly, androidcentral, please make it happen.

I would love to win this, I would give the second one to my mother, who has fallen in love with the Hero that was given to her after I upgraded to my Evo. It will be fantastic. I would also use it to record all my traveling while over seas.

Twitter - matt70006

One of these would be great to help the social networking aspects for our non-profit organization in Denver, Seniors' Resource Center! Great contest! @srcaging

The Evo 3D is such a cool phone! and the navigation here looks very promising (: My dad won't let me get a data phone, but if I win one for free he won't have any choice! Please help make my dream come true! Twitter: @AmpaaBANG

3D awesomeness! That would be, well..... AWESOME!
Hopefully my luck is as good as Charlie Buckets.

What I don't understand is.....why The Green Hornet in 3D??? My friend let me test out the 3D ability with watching that movie on his EVO 3D. The 3D effect is nice and, more importantly, noticeable like the best the Nintendo 3DS can pump out. But, that movie? Anyhow, awesome phone. The hardware is a definite jump from the 4G to make it a sequel that bests the original in most regards. I'm itching to get it sooner than later. It's just that times are hard so later seems more likely unless I win it here ;) @dipapi19

That's totally awesome!

My twitter is: arielvonzombie

Would love to win my husband a new phone, his evo screen is destroyed and we haven't been able to afford fixing it!

Really need this o.g. evo got ran over and can't afford to replace it =/

I'm here hoping to win a shiny new Evo 3D. Thanks Telenav, Sprint and Android Central! Twitter: @johnnymcclung

Im ready to see what this 3D is all about. If i win the contest that it.


Im ready to see what this 3D is all about. If i win the contest that it.


What an awesome giveaway! I would be thrilled to win a EVO 3D phone!!!! Thanks for giving us the chance! @OnlyMe3074

I would love the latest and greatest Android phone from Sprint! The EVO 4G is great, but the EVO 3G is even better!

Twitter: @quyzbuk

what's up guys, just over here smashing iPhones with Lloyd. He threw my Otterbox covered Evo 4G at Steve Jobs and hit him in the gonads (SCORE)!! well anyway, we're going to continue smashing these iPhones. Lloyd and I would like to wish everyone luck in winning the Evo 3D. However, everyone knows that the only way to be a for sure winner, is to feed the Cookie Monster some Pop Tarts …

!! join the rEVOlution3D !!

I could use an Evo 3D. I will even post about the win if i'm the lucky one


I would defiantly switch to Sprint after winning this. Been wanting this phone since it was released.

twitter: @Jmgator361

Even though I posably have very little chance of winning. I really would like to win one of these phones

I know that I have very little chance of winning but I would love to have one of these phones @pgill34

Would love to win, big fan of Sprint, and waiting for an Android phone to move off my old WM Treo Pro ;)
@tecedia on Twitter

This proves this phone is NOT a gimmick. Over 2000 entries and counting. ThisPhoneWins!!!!


Just checking in to leave my comment. Don't know what else to say and going to try not to brown nose too much haha. Definitely appreciate everyone involved though. Crossing my fingers cause I could use a new phone. Thanks!

It would be incredible to win an evo 3d my htc hero has been needing a savior

I was thinking about getting an inexpensive, recyclable android phone just to get Sprint's 3G service on a shoestring. A free high-end phone would make me very willing to shell out the extra $10/month for unlimited data on a 4G network. Thanks to Sprint et. al. @dangerousbros

I would love to own one just to make all my friends (att / verizon) jealous :P
twitter: @wis3m0nkey


Watching the Karate Kid( new version) its ok at most. Wouldn't mind watching Green Hornet in 3D on the EVO though.

Twitter: @__Keegan__

I'm a huge fan of Sprint and HTC. They are my 2 favorite technology companies. I read every article I can find about either one of them. Can't wait till I get a 3D, I love everything about the phone.
Twitter @JKZeus

WOW so nice from @androidcentral @sprint @telenav for giving away 2 from the best phone on the market now! i would love to win of course! but what's sure is that 2 ppl will bw very happy tonight tnx guys

twitter @zalmy9

Dayam I knew I should of name dropped those 3 as well! LOL Best of luck, this phone looks SWEET!

My best friend could use this. @dabxdevil. Might be selfish and keep it for myself. Love my Evo3D.

I can really use this phone. My 7 month old smacked my evo out of my hand and the screen shattered.


I am currently running the 3D ROM (that I learned about on on my Evo4g but it's not the same.

PLEASE announce me @KingRaf01 as an owner of a new Evo 3D!

Woohoo!!! EVO 3D
AndroidCentral is droppin all sorts of goodies on us this month.

I would simply faint or die if I won one, better yet if i won two. :D :D Please I hope I win this. One for me and one as a gift! :D OH gosh I really hope I win.

I really hope I win of these, better yet, I hope I win both. I would simnply die if I did. :D :D Ahhh, I'm just so excited. EVO ALL THE WAY SON! :D @ChavezTyler

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