Telenav-Sprint EVO 3D contest

What could be better than the possibility of winning one of the hottest phones of the summer? How about two free phones? We're giving away not one but two Sprint HTC EVO 3D's, with some help from the folks at Sprint and TeleNav, whose TeleNav GPS Navigator app comes preloaded on the EVO 3D and is FREE for Sprint subscribers.

Here's what you need to do to enter:

  • Follow @telenav, @sprint and @androidcentral on Twitter.
  • Leave a comment on this post, including your twitter handle.
  • Contest ends at 5 p.m. PST July 15, 2011, at which time two winners will be picked at random (provided you followed the instructions above).
  • It's a Sprint phone, so you need to be in the United States. (Sorry, world.)
  • Telenav's offering the hardware only. Prize(s) estimated retail value is $600 per phone, or $1,200 total in prizes.
  • We can't stop you from entering more than once, but we'll know if you do.

That's it, folks. Follow us all on Twitter, and leave a comment here. Good luck!


Reader comments

Win one of two EVO 3Ds from TeleNav, Sprint and Android Central



I made a twitter account just for the contest since no one shows facebook any love. Never saw any reason to join twitter but, went ahead and made one. @Tonio8823


I'd really appreciate an EVO 3D. I'm still on my CDMA Hero and I am craving an upgrade!

I'm on my third OG Evo and taking it back to BestBuy tomorrow because this one isn't working. Help me out here. Twitter: ijhughesi


EVO 3D FTW. I've had the EVO 4g since last June and have been very happy overall. Battery life is the suck but that's always been a thorn in HTC's side. Hopefully they will improve quickly. Winning.

Oh yeah! EVO 3D would definitely improve my androiditude! Especially since i am still rockin' a Moment :-(

twitter= wolfclan

Who wouldn't love a free phone! My wife is in dire need of a new phone and it would be awesome if I could win her one!

Twitter: @baltbeerblog

@TMartinPPC I need more Evo 3D's. I had to add a third line for myself to get one.

This phone would be awesome. I'm currently still with my Hero which has almost zero room for apps with their current sizes and CM7.
Twitter: @kjohnston84

I think telanav is a good option for mobile navigation, especially for sprint customers. It gives Google navigation a run for Its money. My Twitter handle is @lancexgonzalez . Wish me luck

I have luck in other areas (occasionally), but I'll try anyways! Gogo free phone!!
Twitter: silpher

Just moved from Broughty Ferry, Scotland to The Woodlands, Texas, I have an non-existent credit rating for a phone so I'm using my unlocked UK HTC Touch Pro2 (but on SIMple Mobile!), I would love this!


It would be nice to win something :)

And then to win one of the greatest devices out right now! My sister is in love with the Evo 3D but can't afford one right now :/

Thank you AndroidCentral, Sprint and TeleNav! Y'all are great!

Twitter: @svargas05

I've been contemplating switching to sprint because they have a great selection of phones, getting a free one would seal the deal!
Twitter: @hunter27reese

please pick me this it is I wanted to end my ATT contract and switch to sprint because of the everything unlimited plan and evo 3d is an awesome phone to have :)....please pick me!!!
Twitter: aarkadam


The ol' EVO, while wonderful - is showing his age a little. Would love this free upgrade!

Man I would love this phone and I love sprint. I'll definitely leave my epic for some of that sense 3.0 goodness.;)

Twitter: @7590steve

Thank you guys for the opportunity to win an EVO 3D, you guys rock!!! Following all three on Twitter!!!! Thanks again!!

Twitter: @pattmanh

This would be a sweet phone to get. I need a new phone.

Twitter @xfactor99

Thanks @Telenav @Sprint @Androidcentral for the opportunity to win this sweet phone

My chance to win! I love my Evo 3D and I bet it would make someone else really happy if I won one!


This is an awesome contest, would love some EVO 3D. My handle on twitter is @ proactix.

This would make my decision definite to switch to Sprint and use TeleNav. Verizon wishes I don't win.

Twitter: @anicholas7

Is that Lloyd, in the left-hand corner of the NEW EVO 3D? Or does the EVO 3D need a task killer? Come on Phil what's going on here?
Twitter: @igeekman

i would an EVO 3D its very fascinating it amazes me i would to check out its power.


Hey it's @nc_carol (twitter and here)
Love your contests, and would love to get some android central love here in central NC!
Thanks for all you do :-)

If I win this I'll have the answer on my dilemma if I should switch to android from blackberry! Never won anything but trying my luch again tnx guys. Twitter @ariberrywilly

I need to replace my EVO 4G with the new 3D! Hope I win!

twitter: adamygriffith

Fantastic giveaway! We're on Sprint and the Missus needs a new phone!
I'm @SomeAudioGuy on the Twitters!

I would love to win an Evo 3D. My Mom has one (it's hard to keep up with Mom!) and it an awesome phone.

Twitter: @redkoolaid82

Would love a EVO 3D and be able to move to sprint service and unlimited plan and get away from verizon. @jtoothman

i'd love to win one for my son. he's been jealous since i got mine.

Wait - does saying it's for my wife increase my odds of winning? 'Cause it's for her, obviously.


Been a sprint customer since 1998! Rave to all friends about telenav! Come to AC 5-10 times a day! This is my life :) @hankwatt thank you!


1:180 odds... no problem. Of course, they will be worse as thousands more respond over the next week. DANG!

Yo, I’m @tylertop22 entering to hopefully win an HTC EVO 3D. I already have Sprint service, so I'm the perfect choice! Thanks @telenav @sprint @androidcentral!

@javmena Would love the Evo3D, after the Evo4G (so many number-letter combos) I can't see how this phone wouldn't be awesome

I would love to get the EVO 3D! Never had money to buy a smartphone, feature phone for many years, and I have a decent, but poor performing, smartphone, so I would be so happy to win. :/

Twitter: iPerfectPete216

Follow, Follow, Follow!
Twitter: @Sindawe

Would be totally awesome to have the first 3D phone at work!

@motelcowboy - Following all three! The EVO 3D would be a huge upgrade from my Hero that's crapping out... I'm pretty adamantly pro-Android OS so I'll stick with it! :D

Not trying to sound like another desperate entrant but I really freaking want that EVO 3D! Guess I do kinda sound desperate but in this case thats alright. Twitter: @natethesmash

Hello! I'm @mr_mcfly and I'm looking to convert from the BB to an Android ready phone. What better way to do so than with an EVO 3D?

I really want an EVO 3D for all the 3D action and recording and picture taking, and everything else!


I really want an EVO 3D for all the 3D action and recording and picture taking, and everything else!


@funkytreo Evo 3D come to me! All my friends are raving about this phone....I could give it my wife....naaah...

Hoping to get lucky on this one. I need a new phone aging 1st gen Palm Pre is barely hanging in there.

Twitter: @rgustinella

In exchange for you all blowing up my Twitter feed, please consider @joshung for "Winner of the Evo 3D"

I've been trying sooo hard to enter the Sprint contest but I keep losing. This would be so awesome!!! I really want an Evo 3D!!!
Twitter: @PrinceBasil

@n8theprophet ... My dad still has a Samsung instinct and my wife wants an iPhone . Please save me from the madness .

Sent from my 3vo

i just started using Telenav on my phone. I like the traffic feature!

@juanhernandez_x id love to win the Evo 3D its the best phone out there please choose me!

Desperately need a new Sprint phone. The washing machine wasn't kind to the last one.

Twitter: @knicholas7

Wow I could upgrade my LG Optimus S to this XD, and give the extra to other fam members.
Following all three and im @cort_chan

@flakita1904 i would love to win so my husband can have his own and leave mine alone. Im sure he would enjoy this for his birthday next month. He deserves it for being a hard worker and supporting us as his family.

Great timing! I dropped my EVO 4G last week and cracked the screen, works fine still but a 3D would be really cool.

Twitter: @PBritain

I Would love to win a 3D HTC I love my Evo, but I know It's much better in 3D (:

Twitter: @KendraDeAnna

Good luck to me lol

I would love to win a new phone, I've researched and have feel in love with the evos !!

Twitter: AnnaAdams77

@dbrad38 I would love to have one of the new Evo 3d phones. My 4g is still serving its purpose but I would love to get my hands on Sense 3.0 and those 3d cameras.

I'm ready to upgrade from my Incredible, and I would love an Evo 3D!

Twitter: @jackweisman

All I can say is that it is the EVO 3D, THE BEST PHONE ON THE BEST NETWORK. Yeah I want, no, NEED THIS PHONE.


It would be awesome to win one of these cell phones...if I win, I would trade my blackberry in a heartbeat!


I'm following all 3. I've never won anything in my life so I would probably be pretty happy.

Twitter: hawkyou72

Thanks for giving me a chance to win one of these phones. Heard a lot of talks about the EVO 3D, not only about the 3D features, but also the speed of this phone. thanks again.

twitter: @SFXbyED

An EVO 3D would be the best thing that has happened to me involving Sprint.

First the Intercept and now the Echo along with jerks at customer service. I sure hope I could win that EVO 3D.

@OhWhy_RyRy I've been wanting an EVO 3D since it first hit the airwaves. it'd be totally cool to win one!

Didn't win the Galaxy Tab 10.1... I never when anything, but I'll try my luck once again. Fingers crossed!!

Twitter: @thechuckfrank

I wanna win one! I joined Sprint just to get the original EVO and would love to have the EVO 3D! I'm even doing this post and my Twitter follows from my EVO now!

Twitter handle: BigDavidMullins

oh How I would love to have this wonderful phone

Twitter: @ericjgamez

Already following @Sprint @AndroidCentral

Started Following @Telenav

Would love to win it for my hard working hubby! He works 4 jobs so I can stay at home with our son :-)

Wow I almost creamed mah pants over this post. I haven't even seen 3D yet and its driving me crazy!

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