Telenav-Sprint EVO 3D contest

What could be better than the possibility of winning one of the hottest phones of the summer? How about two free phones? We're giving away not one but two Sprint HTC EVO 3D's, with some help from the folks at Sprint and TeleNav, whose TeleNav GPS Navigator app comes preloaded on the EVO 3D and is FREE for Sprint subscribers.

Here's what you need to do to enter:

  • Follow @telenav, @sprint and @androidcentral on Twitter.
  • Leave a comment on this post, including your twitter handle.
  • Contest ends at 5 p.m. PST July 15, 2011, at which time two winners will be picked at random (provided you followed the instructions above).
  • It's a Sprint phone, so you need to be in the United States. (Sorry, world.)
  • Telenav's offering the hardware only. Prize(s) estimated retail value is $600 per phone, or $1,200 total in prizes.
  • We can't stop you from entering more than once, but we'll know if you do.

That's it, folks. Follow us all on Twitter, and leave a comment here. Good luck!


Reader comments

Win one of two EVO 3Ds from TeleNav, Sprint and Android Central



If there's one thing these comments need, it is professionalism. First off, I would like to thank TeleNav, Sprint and Android Central for being great companies and understanding a customer's requirements for well-developed, innovative, and exciting new products. Secondly, I would like to thank myself for realizing that. Thank you.

stop being a douche. thanking your self? really? their chosen at random. dont suck up

stop being a douche. thanking your self? really? their chosen at random. dont suck up

stop being a douche. thanking your self? really? their chosen at random. dont suck up

stop being a douche. thanking your self? really? their chosen at random. dont suck up

I have an older sprint phone, could use a new upgrade.

Thanks hopefully I'll win.

Twitter: __Keegan__

I would LOVE to win one of these, or both of these. Heck, I'd love to just see one of these babies in action! Nice contest, here's to winning! Twitter: @robmcclellan

my twitter name is rmarkwhite
i would love to win an evo3d from sprint
i have wanted one since it came out
its time to renew my sprint contract so i need to win this

@bradleyafanda i cant afford this type of phone for me i would happy if i won because i always wanted to have a phone like this.

I really want to win this! Thank you and Cheers to Android Central! Thank you from Eagleclass

@cguella I am following @telenav, @sprint and @androidcentral on Twitter. I really want to switch to @sprint take advantage of great @telenav software that I found with my friends on @androidcentral. THANKS.

I want to win this. my twitter is @bdevans5 don't follow me thought because I never post anything. LOL

Help me Evo 3D you're my only hope.

This would be perfect timing if I could win this now. thanks for the opportunity guys!

Followed x3! I would love this for my wife, she's stuck on an HTC Hero until next April and is jealous of my Epic 4G :)


I'm @joshfinnessy on Twitter, and I could use an Evo 3D. Y'know, if it's free and whatnot.

I'd beg but that wouldn't be gentlemanly on me. I would love a new phone, my Epic 4G is well EPIC but i am bored with it.

Please! Pick me, if you do I will make every day pizza day in the cafeteria and add 5 minutes on to each passing period.

Follow me on twitter at @tallbubba

Thank you!

Because of this phone, my current phone is now known as "OG". Perhaps we should change this. ;)

Twitter: @ilongbored

Following all 3, would love to replace my 4G with a 3D and 4G of internal storage! @bump_and_run_

I played with this phone in the Sprint store and it is awesome!

Twitter: xshieh

Well, if I can get one for free, it'd certainly make it worth upgrading from my EVO 4G.
Twitter: @DrMacinyasha

never won anything on AC... i'd love to get an HTC and switch over to sprint... @tyleralane on twitter.

I really really really want this phone! I hope I win for a change. Twitter: @RiZzAyIsBaKeD

My daughter and I could both use one, and it is my birthday on July 15!

Twitter: dvanzeel

I tire of hearing "you are not a winner" trying to win the "Be a 3d Star" contest with Sprint. Pick me @betterisdead

yet another contest with random drawings. it never hurts to enter, but it hurts when you never win. maybe this time. @steve19137

never a fan of Sprint's coverage (had them EONs ago.. willing to try if I get a decent device though)
twitter : @batrad

i never win anything but a dollar from scratch off's I need a new phone Flip phones suck lol.

Thanks for offering this. It would be a real blessing. I followed the directions and my Twitter is @RyanHicksPhotos

I'll give it to my fiance who hates her thunderbolt so I can stop listening to her complain.

My EVO 4G is starting to show it's age, an EVO 3D would be the perfect answer...

Twitter: @PsTJsT

Am hoping to get one of these for my wife (she has an LG Optimus S right now) My Twitter handle is @dvdmon


Pathetic plea: "I never win anything...please!!!"
Greedy plea: "Gimme, gimme some 3d!"
Falttering plea: "AndroidCentral is da best Android blog around! Srsly!"
Witty plea: See above.

been looking for a reason to switch carrirers. would be cool to only have to buy one phone @mpetrello

I would give this phone to my daddy-o. He needs a new phone. Pretty sure he has a weak ass feature phone on Sprint. Hook him up!

Well, that's not too difficult to enter.
I only had to follow @telenav since I already was following @Sprint and, of course I already follow @AndroidCentral :-)

My Twitter: @djomegatucson

Switching me and my daughter to Sprint next month. How cool would it be to start off with 2 new phones! Especially these!!!!
Please, make me a hero to my daughter?

oh, Twitter is @GPaschal

Very cool contest! So looking for an upgrade and this would be great!!

Twitter: Toy_Empire

Twitter Name @RipRock81
Current EVO 4G Owner, wishing I had a EVO 3D! I'm following all 3. I've been following AC since before I had an Android. Sprint user since 1999. And Telenav takes me everwhere I need to go!

Pick me. :-)

I already follow AndroidCentral via RSS.. may as well add twitter to the list, too!

Twitter: brc64 (or @brc64, if you're so inclined)

Well I didn't win last time Sprint was giving away Evo 3Ds but no harm in trying again! @kevinwska

@uscarlos would really love to upgrade to the evo 3D, it's my one year anniversary with @Sprint


thank you and have a nice day

-yours truly

p.s i'm currently phone less so PLEASE DAMNIT!

Wow! I am a huge fan of the Evo Series!!! Please count this as my entry! :D

Twitter: Androinerd

Twitter is @SethACotton

I would love to have an EVO 3D. I am following all three and I also hate my current service ATT and looking to change to something else.

@somethingshiny_ is tired of waiting for fresh OS goodness for his Epic, please ease his suffering with a shiny new Evo 3d.

Awesome giveaway!

Thanks for the chance!

Twitter: @HelenaR3

Already following @Sprint @AndroidCentral

Start Following @Telenav

@newboyx this would solve the issue of the other 2 in my house who hate me because of my phone.

@treelilmunkeys wants to get a headache from looking at the EVO 3D more often than he should! Please give it to me. I want to win something and I'm feeling lucky. Maybe.

From on Techno Guru to another...I love this phone. Played with the phone at the store and fell in love with it.


I'd love an EVO 3D. I use Telnav so much, the bigger screen would be amazing!

Follow me! @jhoove09

Waiting for the nexus phone but this would be a great phone to use until then.

twitter @tschauer83


Thanks, AC! I don't care what them other sites say about you, you're #1 in my book. ;)

I have the EVO 4G now, would love to move up to the 3D model. I hear the Qualcomm MSM8660 SOC is quite awesome! Ability to share in 3D would be outrageous!

This site has the best contests!! i was so bummed when i didn't win the galaxy tab, but hey, maybe i'll win this bad boy!! i love this site so much, its set as my homepage so i could catch up on all the latest and greatest in android. keep up the good work Phil (philBLUR) lol, you rock! (i enjoy the podcasts very much).


I'm all followed up, would love to win my wife a new phone (and me an upgrade over my brand new EVO 4G!) I'm @ferringer on Twitter.

I need this phone so I can sell my Thunderbolt pay the etf and switch to sprint @jvsoldi

I'd LOVE this for my wife! My excuse for not having was because I didn't want to be tracked down and nagged as to 'when are you coming home?' Got a phone for work (mandatory) and said question ensued! She refuses to get one now. Her excuse? She doesn't want to be tracked down while she's out and about! So what's fair is fair! EVO PLEASE! Twitter @AaronCSpicer

I would so love to have a HTC evo 3d! I'll graciously take them off ur hands! @Weston_87

Oh, I'd just love to win this and take a 3D video rubbing it my iPhone friends' face! hahaha

Twitter: reagan247

Here is hopping I win since sprint will not let me upgrade my phone yet so I can only get it for 500+ bucks twitter: kit_pr

Although I would like the Samsung Within more, but I'll take this for "free"


Dude With the A&TT merger with T-Mobile this would give me and awsome jump on moving my wife and i to sprint.

You know you want to help a loyal follower out....

By the way you can contact me on Twitter @ mjnied if i should win....

Twitter: Dgeorge318

I'm still holding out with hopes that an upgrade to an S2 is in my future, but my Samsung Moment is nearing it's last charge.

Comment: I hope I win the EVO 4G, Lord knows I've been trying.
Twitter: @rlderemer

Oh! How I wish I could win this! I don't really love my Samsung Moment all that much.
Twitter: mriblake

1) Following @telenav, @sprint and @androidcentral on Twitter now per your instructions.

2) Now leaving you a comment on this post, and my twitter names is @ArcadeLion. Please feel free to follow me back people. ;-)

3) I really Really REALLY hope I win this context. I will definitely switch carriers with this freebie in my grasp.

Okay so apparently the Evo 3D gets good battery life...I want one lol
Twitter: @tankcole

But I just got grandfathered in with unlimited data on Verizon! Ohhh alright, I'd switch to Sprint because the EVO is just that bad ass. @markwaterous, it's @markwaterous I tell you!

Wow, I'd love to have this phone! I definitely could use the upgrade! Twitter: Kidnoble

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