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Also from the Dead Dictator series:

  • Digital Secretary Saddam
  • The Mussolini Messenger
  • Navigate! with Napoleon
  • Francisco Franco's Guide to Spanish Cuisine
  • Gadhafi's Group Chat (too soon?)

And coming soon:

  • Find It! with Fidel Castro
  • Hugo Chavez's Filling Station Locator

Reader comments

Who needs Siri? We apparently have Pocket Stalin


Nice ending to the video:

"If the world had been communist, you all would have iPhone... it is only phone that give me the kind of control I like."

Silly Stalin

find it a bit distasteful... he killed millions of Russians, never mind the other eastern europeans... what idiot would want to have him in his pocket?

You're clearly taking things way too seriously. I'm Polish and I don't think such a silly app would hurt anyone's feelings. Get over it.

So am I. It doesn't hurt my feelings, but some things shouldn't be joked about. It's a question of respect, nothing else. Sadly, respect and manners have gone cheap nowadays, anything is considered ok as long as it is trendy and "fun". Clearly the fact that it does not hurt your feelings doesn't mean it won't hurt others, especially because people died.

Plus, if it cleared Apple's AppStore screening, they obviously feel it's been long enough where this won't offend many people.

And, Springtime For Hitler was written by Mel Brooks-- a Jew! Lighten up, spiry. It's ok to laugh, even when the creature is not so lovable. :)

Still in his bunker, being worked on by the same engineers who ran my beloved Palm into oblivion!

That's already on my radar! If webOS is truly dead (as opposed to "mostly dead"), I am looking real hard at Android ICS as my next device. If I like it, I might actually switch my touchpad over, as well. The video of the progress of CM7 was pretty impressive, to say the least.

I've been using it since alpha1, it has improved a lot. It's is mostly usable with very few quirks here and there, the biggest being the battery life which is about half that of the webos though. Still, Plex works like a dream. I have a nifty streaming solution on my touchpad finally :)and for £89 only :)

Never ceases to amaze me how a bunch of coders, working on their own, can do such amazing things, but teams of professionals working for the company that built the product can't figure out how to add a simple feature!

Indeed. Webos is great, shame about the number of apps available and a few usability issues (fixable with preware patches mostly). I hope they will port ICS to a Touchpad.

I don't see any of the other "Dead Dictator Series" apps. Are they separate apps? It'd make a lot more sense to have it all in one app.

Umm, I'm pretty sure Fidel Castro was the dictator of Cuba, he wasn't a president that's for sure.

If you haven't been to, live in, or have strong family ties to cuba, you have no business making that claim. Nobody had really thought about removing him because he delivered Cuba from a terrible dictator that the U.S. supported.

go back to history class man. Castro saved cuba from a real dictator. Honestly, propaganda has killed your intellect. Just because somebody is a communist, that doesn't mean they're a terrorist. KAY!?

Whoa whoa whoa, Now you're just shoving words in my mouth, I never once said anything about his communism, I never even came close to mentioning terrorism. So how the hell is propaganda killing my intellect when all I said was he was a dictator? =\ I think you need to go back to school and learn that dictator and terrorist is not a damn synonym. Jesus I wish you could say that to my face 'cause I'd stomp you to the ground then blow your brains out with the so called "killed intellect" I have.

Done have an iphone? To bad for you! Hahaha.... I have an android but since this dec thinks iphone is the only phone worth having he could xxxx it cause I won't even try this BS.

Jay, I think you missed the punchline. He said, in a communist world, the iPhone would be the ONLY choice, as it is the one that allows him to have total control. A shot at Apple's ecosystem of controlling everything.(?)

Ugh, I thought you guys were going to report about the Iris app for Android that aims to do what Siri does for the iPhone 4S, but you got this instead...