WhatsApp is staying independent according to business development head

In a statement to All Things D this evening, WhatsApp’s business development chief Neeraj Arora said the rumors of Google buying the chat service were unfounded.

WhatsApp is one of the most popular applications on all platforms, providing cross-platform chat and file sharing. The past few days there has been talk of Google buying the company and integrating it into their rumored unified messaging service, aptly named Babel. The application is free for the first year on Android devices, with a $0.99 yearly fee afterwards. If you're interested in giving it a try, hit the Google Play download link above.

Source: All Things D


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WhatsApp denies rumors of a Google buyout


Said it before and I'll say it again.... It really wouldn't make sense for Google to buy them anyway. They already have Google Talk/Voice which they can integrate into their other communications offerings. Paying a billion dollars for something else that essentially does the same thing would be crazy. Google just needs to get Google Talk/Voice on all platforms.

Agreed. Google Talk/Babel on iOS would be wonderful for me. I'm also willing to wager that they wouldn't even add any users with a purchase as there is probably a lot of crossover in users.

thank god its not true. whats app is not worth 1bn. google's building bable, buying whatsapp is no brainer.

I'm glad to see that's not happening. If they were to attempt to aquire it then what they would really be after is the user base.

Rumor has it that Blackberry will be releasing BBM (Blackberry messanger) cross platform. Probably keeping video and voice chat to only blackberries, or a subscription fee. If this happens whatsapp will see its users fall dramatically. BBM is a much better experience, useless with no contacts though.

I've always liked BBM, and having left Blackberry years ago, I actually miss it. I'd pay 5 dollars or euros a year for it, but I doubt most others will. So that will make the service suffer. So I don't know...

Some Android people really need to get themselves out of this line of thinking.

Google does not care what platform you are on. They want users in their services. Android is just one point of entry. For Google, data is data....regardless of what OS it is coming through.

"As the business migrates to Blackberry 10, we intend to enhance our business offering with new value-creating services to continue to generate sales revenues. And the areas we plan to leverage for new service offerings include new services for our strong Blackberry messenger base, possible licensing of Blackberry 10, the creation of cross-platform offerings, services that leverage Blackberry’s highly engaged and sophisticated social media community, advanced security tools, and additional enterprise services." CEO Thorstein Heinz
Blackberry's earnings call last month.

The rumor is interpreting what he said. It also makes sense. BBM is useless with no contacts. Making it cross platform would see the user base climb. Especially if it's free. And a possible revenue stream down the road. Even just getting the word Blackberry in google play and the apple stores top apps would benefit.

They don't need it! Google has everything they need for communications. With consolidation, tweaking, and a few new features we will have everything needed under one service.

What would be awesome is if Google and Whatsapp simply opened up to each other, sort of like Jabber. That way Google can focus on Babel for Android and leave Whatsapp for the iOS and WP8 users, yet still able to cross communicate.

I never thought I'd say this, but I'm rather happy that Google aren't touching WhatsApp. It would likely hinder development of the app on non-Google platforms and that simply wouldn't be good as many of my friends use iPhones.