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As we continue working toward v1.4 of the official Android Central App, let's take a look at another of our favorite features.

Anytime you post in the forums or leave a comment on a blog post, you post a signature, letting folks know that you're using the best damn Android Central app we've ever produced. And you can customize that signature so that you stand out even more. 

Give it a shot. Just go into the Settings menu and customize away.


Reader comments

What's your AC App signature?


I agree. I hate them actually. Nothing is more annoying than a long signature especially after a very short reply.



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It may be a slow news day, but the app is pretty damn good. No harm in letting the AC crew toot their own horn once in a while.

I've gone from surfing their site in a browser to using the app. If an old curmudgeon like me can use it, anybody can!

The Borg will trace their ancestry to a Treo 300.

Yeah this works.

Posted via Android Central App on this POS borrowed Thunderbolt waiting for the LG G2 to release on Verizon because I walked into the ocean with my Gnex in my pocket.

Wow, you went from a turd, to a bowl of turds and will eventually end up with a pot of gold

Posted via anything but a Nexus phone.

Why would they make one for ipad mini when they don't even care to include the 1/3 of us Android users that are still stuck with Gingerbread.

Sent from the website because there is no AC app available for me to use.

Oh hell yes. Time to reference my favorite movie!

"I've also watched c-beams glitter in the dark near Tannhäuser Gate."

Signatures are cool

Posted via my Droid Bionic while waiting for my email notification from Verizon telling me when the Droid Bionic will be available

I didn't have one until I read this. I do now lol.

Posted via My Boss GS3 running android 4.3, yes I said 4.3. You jelly yet? lol

By far, this is the app I use the most! I've never been a signature person, but my greeting has always been Don't Eat Yellow Snow. I've been saying it since I was 13. So naturally, it's in there!

Posted from my Verizon Galaxy S III via Android Central App... And Don't Eat Yellow Snow!