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As we continue working toward v1.4 of the official Android Central App, let's take a look at another of our favorite features.

Anytime you post in the forums or leave a comment on a blog post, you post a signature, letting folks know that you're using the best damn Android Central app we've ever produced. And you can customize that signature so that you stand out even more. 

Give it a shot. Just go into the Settings menu and customize away.

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Choorp says:

I don't use signatures. I wish there was a way to completely hide them...

I agree. I hate them actually. Nothing is more annoying than a long signature especially after a very short reply.



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ScottJ says:

Just clear out the text and there will be no signature. That's what I did.

tostler says:

It may be a slow news day, but the app is pretty damn good. No harm in letting the AC crew toot their own horn once in a while.

I've gone from surfing their site in a browser to using the app. If an old curmudgeon like me can use it, anybody can!

The Borg will trace their ancestry to a Treo 300.

scouser73 says:

Jerry should appreciate this one.

Android Central: News and reviews but damn it, no booze.

NoNexus says:

Yeppers, been there, done that

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Nev says:


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Dirty-Bird says:


Posted on Android Central: A Decent Blog 13% of the Time

...and the other 87% of the time it is FUCKING AMAZING.

Saiyajin says:

So you spend the other 87% reading....?

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A895 says:


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tramsay09 says:

Mine is the best

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reeper55 says:

Yeah this works.

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NoNexus says:

Wow, you went from a turd, to a bowl of turds and will eventually end up with a pot of gold

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benhmadison says:

Love it!

jamie says:

It works!

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planoman says:

Very cool!

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I love that my comment was removed because I commented on the slow news day.

xgalalx says:

Is there any app for ipad mini ??? LOL

I waiting new nexus 7 LTE

SRR500 says:

Why would they make one for ipad mini when they don't even care to include the 1/3 of us Android users that are still stuck with Gingerbread.

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NoNexus says:

It is time to move on. Literally and figuratively.

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mjmdroid says:

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I have a signature?

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verdana says:

It works on Iphone? ;)

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BigShel82 says:

Oh hell yes. Time to reference my favorite movie!

"I've also watched c-beams glitter in the dark near Tannhäuser Gate."

neonworm says:

What move is that from?

stevovr says:

Excellent movie.

drokssilva says:

This one is true

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tdizzel says:

Signatures are cool

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jakeuten says:

Mine is..

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mcgowan398 says:



acstewart82 says:

I didn't have one until I read this. I do now lol.

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NoNexus says:

How buggy is that? Serious question

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mcgowan398 says:





Khang Dang says:

What's holoyolo

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Jowlah says:

By far, this is the app I use the most! I've never been a signature person, but my greeting has always been Don't Eat Yellow Snow. I've been saying it since I was 13. So naturally, it's in there!

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Mo ZedEl says:

I'm surprised more people didn't know about this feature already

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TxAndroidGuy says:

Cool new feature

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jwyche007 says:

You're a cool guy Phil

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